James Dobson concedes defeat to us lefties, says we control everything in this country


 Maybe it’s just a fundraising ploy, but James Dobson, a ranking leader of the Religious Right, SAID on his radio show today that the battle against us evildoers on the liberal side of the political spectrum is a lost cause — at least in the “short term.”

 Of course, we shouldn’t take Dobson too seriously about all of this. There’s no chance that he’s just going to slink away and never cheapen our national conversation again.

 Still,  I’m fascinated with his defeatist tone and wonder how it will fit into whatever game he’s playing.

 I’ll try to remember to do an update on this matter as developments arise. But I’m a busy man; if I forget, somebody please remind me.



  1. SpeckleMe

    This guy is a whackjob. He’s the one who believes in spanking young children.

  2. echo4charlie

    I’m neither a fan of, nor an opponent of Dr. James Dobson. I don’t make a point of listening to his radio program, or seeking him out in any other media.

    I have heard some of his material, which I thought was good, and I have head some information that I have disagreed with, and turned off.

    I don’t think he’s (all in all) quite as bad as most liberals think. He’s really, if anything, just trying to call Americans to stop and look at the morality of our behavior, and the decline of such behavior.

    People don’t like to be called to task, and immoral behavior is rampant on both the left and right (and people have become adept to wearing two faces, and living a public life and an opposite private life).

    Look at Ted Haggard.

    His message, if anything, seems to be morality. And this is something Americans fight harder and harder as time passes. Especially our youth (15-25 year-olds).

    And a good part of this moral decline, in reference to SPeckleMe’s comment, is lack of parental example and discipline. I’m not saying anyone should beat their children, but, I don’t see a controlled spanking as out of line.

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