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  1. Mike Carroll

    Now, how can someone from an all girls Catholic school (Institute of Notre Dame in Baltimore) continue to lie with such abandon? Not exactly blessed with the gifts of Bill Clinton is she.She learned her lessons in politics well however at the knee of Daddy who was Mayor of Baltimore and played for pay with a zeal that would put Blago to shame. And yes, I do have first hand knowledge of that.
    3rd in succession to the Presidency behind Biden. For God’s sake, stay well Barack.

  2. Mike: “Continue to lie with such abandon”? Tell us about those lies. They had better be whopppers, considering the high threshold for dishonesty that you applied to the Bush administration’s tall tales in justifying the war in Iraq. Do Pelosi’s prevarications match Bush-Cheney’s crapola about WMDs and Saddam’s ties to al-Qaeda?

  3. Mike Carroll

    Pat-it seems that you have descended into the liberal fever swamps with that comment. Proof that Bush/Cheney lied? Oh, thats right, you have none.
    For 8 plus years liberals have been repeating that canard with absolutely no foundation under the theory of the Big Lie perfected by the Soviet Union. Repeat the lie often enough and people will accept it as fact.
    I notice that your defense of the Princess is to deflect attention away from her comments and actions. Hell, even the MSM isn’t buying that act.

  4. roger

    Bush and Cheney.. Thier out yet you keep talking about it.
    Do you still talk about your broken car you no longer have or do you talk about the one you have.

    Pelosi is at work now and she a great big liar and very incompetent.
    She even looks like a mean unfriendly (*&*(&*%$^%#.

    Pelosi needs to be put in her place and then put out of a job.

    I do wonder (no I know) what you would say if Pelosi was a Republican!!

  5. Mike: And how, pray tell, do Pelosi’s lies change the basic equation regarding the current debate over torture? Do her lies suddenly make torture legal? Do they make torture effective? Perhaps the people on your side are the ones trying “to deflect attention away” from the central argument regarding torture: Yeah, never mind the waterboarding! Look! Over there! Nancy Pelosi can’t keep her stories straight as to what the CIA told her! She’s a terrorist lover! Burn her at the stake!

  6. Mike: One other thing: You’ve again accused me of having no proof of the Bush/Cheney lies regarding Iraq. We’ve been over this ground before, but you seem to have forgotten: Here’s a link to hundreds of those lies: http://www.publicintegrity.org/projects/entry/276/

  7. roger

    She should then be prosecuted the same as the left wants Bush and company prosecuted!

    If she knew which I’m sure she did she is as guilty as they are.
    She is also commiting perjury as the others acussed

  8. Orlando Clay

    Roger wrote: “If she knew which I’m sure she did she is as guilty as they are.”

    Excuse me? It was Bush and Cheney — not Nancy Pelosi — who lied about the presence of WMD in Iraq. It was Bush and Cheney — again, not Nancy Pelosi — who lied about the supposed link between Al-Qaeda and Iraq to justify the “cakewalk” into Iraq. It was Bush and Cheney who authorized the use of torture, even though it is a clear violation of US law. It was Bush and Cheney who sent hundreds of thousands of our best and brightest to Iraq to ostensibly spread democracy, but the true mission was to make Iraq safe for the Bush/Cheney cronies at Big Oil and line the pockets of Cheney’s friends at Halliburton, KBR, and Blackwater with billions of dollars from no-bid and no-liability contracts. It was Bush and Cheney who brazenly used the US Constitution as toilet paper when it came to such things as being held indefinitely without being charged, invasion of privacy, and warrantless wiretapping.

    Or am I just nit-picking?

    Yes, Roger, Bush and Cheney are gone from the White House, but the overpowering stench of failure mixed with evil remains. But this is one Lib who’s going to keep talking about them until they are brought to justice for their war crimes. And beyond. We must never allow something like the Bush/Cheney cabal and their gaggle of pirates to ever happen in our country again.

  9. roger

    Or am I just nit-picking? NO your just one sided BLIND as always!!

    If they are guilty of torture and she knew she is part of it and guilty too.

    The thing with you lefties is one of you could shoot and kill another person and it would be the person who got shot fault.

  10. Orlando Clay

    Roger wrote: “NO your just one sided BLIND as always!!”

    OK, Roger, then what’s your perception of 8 years of Bush/Cheney?

    Those of us who live in reality see the Bush/Cheney report card as follows: two seemingly endless wars, a failed war on terrorism, a global economic crisis of biblical proportions, and strained relationships with allies and adversaries alike.

    But maybe you’re right and I am indeed blind. Please help me “see the light” from your perspective. What am I missing?

  11. roger has this crazy notion that Pelosi should be prosecuted if the CIA briefed her about torture, as if she were a party to the torture herself. By that logic, all the Republican members of Congress who were similarly briefed also should be prosecuted. Let’s not forget that Republicans controlled both houses of Congress during the period at issue in this controversy.

  12. roger also treats us to a gratutitous comment on what he thinks of Pelosi’s looks, as if that had anything to with anything. Grow up, roger. Nobody gives a damn what you think of other people’s looks. Try sticking to the subject at hand.

  13. roger

    Blind in as such if she knew she was a part of it and is guilty too.

    If there are two endless war than Obama is guilty of sending more troops to Afghanistan.

    Iraq I agree was wrong.

    Failed war on terrorism..I am afraid not we have not been attacked in coming up on 8 year.

    Economic crisis yes and Obama is making much worse with HUGH government spending and control of businesses.

    It is still way to soon to say about strained relationships.

    I agree we lost some there but the jury is still out.
    It will take more time to see if that improves.

    Bush was liked in the beginning too so we will have to wait and see.

    If your going to go after some who where a part of the torture then you should go after all who knew or played a part in it and that includes Pelosi.

    As I said she is either a big liar or very incompetent.
    Because every one knew but her then if you believe her lies.

    Everyone in this country who pays attention knew but yet she did not. B.S.

  14. roger

    Pat F.O.

  15. roger

    Pat no body gives a damn about what you think or gives you much creditabilty.

    Just your favorite little pets like Orlando.

    Your just a race baiter player of the race card.

    As soon as some one disagrees you call them stupid or a biggot or what have you.

    Sure I have called some names but I’m not running this post as you are and you set by example.

    You worry about what I said about Pelosies looks yet you post a satire of letterman saying Palin is having sex with some one else.

  16. roger

    Your Cynicism shows Cranky Old Man.
    You should try growing up your self.
    I guess because you run this post you can say what ever you like but God help some one else who does.

  17. roger

    What is next in your liberal bag of tricks.

    Are you going to ban me like some one else you did a short time back who disagreed with you and gave you some of what you dish out?

  18. roger: Two things:

    1) Who said anything about race? You commented on Nancy Pelosi’s looks. What do her looks have to do with anything? Remarks about people’s looks have no place in arguments about political issues.

    2) Only two people have ever been banned from this site (and one of those bans was lifted within 12 hours after further reflection on my part). In both cases, the offenders had made comments that went over the line. One was an ugly ethnic slur, and the other was a filthy, disgusting remark referring to sex with a child.

    You seem to think that I regularly ban people with whom I disagree, but that’s not true.

    So, don’t worry. You’re not likely to be banned. In fact, I sometimes like your contributions.

  19. Mike Carroll

    Pat-yes we have been through this before and it looks like you need more instruction on the difference of a lie and saying something which is false. This isn’t hard so stay with me( that means you as well Orlando), as I am typing slowly to help you out.
    Your entire case for lying is stated in the link provided and I will quote the relevant portion-“On at least 532 separate occasions (in speeches, briefings, interviews, testimony, and the like), Bush and these three key officials, along with Secretary of State Colin Powell, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and White House press secretaries Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan, stated unequivocally that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (or was trying to produce or obtain them), links to Al Qaeda, or both.”
    Now again, stay with me as I don’t want your attention to wander. When you make a statement which is false, but you believe it to be true, you are not lying. Got that. Fairly simple.
    When you make a false statement that you know to be false, that is lying. See Clinton, Bill or Pelosi, Nancy.
    Your side, despite the fulminations of the last eight years, has been unable to present even one example of a Bush administration official lying regarding this issue.
    Oh, by the way, was Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair and the list goes on and on, lying when they talked about WMD’s in Iraq based on the information provided to them by their intelligence departments.
    Come on guys, this is getting old. Partisan differences are fine but lets bring a touch of logic to the table. Find a different dead horse to beat.

  20. roger

    Pat Thanks..

    I had to vent how I felt.

  21. Mike: You’re ignoring instances in which administration officials made emphatic claims that were not supported by intelligence findings.

    Here are just four examples of many:

    On August 26, 2002, in an address to the national convention of the Veteran of Foreign Wars, Cheney flatly declared: “Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction. There is no doubt he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies, and against us.” In fact, former CIA Director George Tenet later recalled, Cheney’s assertions went well beyond his agency’s assessments at the time. Another CIA official, referring to the same speech, told journalist Ron Suskind, “Our reaction was, ‘Where is he getting this stuff from?’ ”

    In July 2002, Rumsfeld had a one-word answer for reporters who asked whether Iraq had relationships with Al Qaeda terrorists: “Sure.” In fact, an assessment issued that same month by the Defense Intelligence Agency (and confirmed weeks later by CIA Director Tenet) found an absence of “compelling evidence demonstrating direct cooperation between the government of Iraq and Al Qaeda.”

    On May 29, 2003, in an interview with Polish TV, President Bush declared: “We found the weapons of mass destruction. We found biological laboratories.” But as journalist Bob Woodward reported in State of Denial, days earlier a team of civilian experts dispatched to examine the two mobile labs found in Iraq had concluded in a field report that the labs were not for biological weapons. The team’s final report, completed the following month, concluded that the labs had probably been used to manufacture hydrogen for weather balloons.

    On January 28, 2003, in his annual State of the Union address, Bush asserted: “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa. Our intelligence sources tell us that he has attempted to purchase high-strength aluminum tubes suitable for nuclear weapons production.” Two weeks earlier, an analyst with the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research sent an email to colleagues in the intelligence community laying out why he believed the uranium-purchase agreement “probably is a hoax.”

    So much for your theory, Mike, that my side has failed “to present even one example of a Bush administration official lying regarding this issue.”

  22. roger

    I sometimes like your contributions.
    What would that be??

    I don’t remember you ever agreeing with me! Or???

  23. Mike Carroll

    Silly me. I keep forgetting that logic and facts have no impact on liberals at any time and especially as it concerns the Bush administration. You are still suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome stemming from the 2000 election (you lost by the way). None of your examples proves your point or get anywhere close to it.
    As concerns your point #4, British Intelligence still stands by the Uranium from Africa report. You failed to mention that. I wonder why.
    But what the hell, by all means lets have a Truth Commission or Inquisition which would be a better designation. Lets get all of them under oath (that includes the Princess, Bill, Hill, Colin, Jay Rockefeller, et al). We could have years of partisan bloodletting to no avail of course but it might stall enough of Obama’s programs that the greater good would be obtained.

  24. Orlando Clay

    Mike Carroll wrote: “Repeat the lie often enough and people will accept it as fact.”

    How true! How often did we hear from the Bush administration that Iraq had WMD? How often did we hear from the Bush administration that Sadaam posed an imminent threat to our country’s security? How often did we hear from the Bush administration that there was a definite link between between Iraq and Al-Qaeda?

    How many times did you hear it, Mike, before you fell for it?

    And, gee, how many of those LIES turned out to be true?


    But, hey, that’s OK. As long as the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld axis of evil tells you that they believed it to be true even without a shred of evidence (circumstantial or otherwise), that makes it considerably less than a lie, right Mike? God’s bound to overlook it and forgive them for that, right?

    Since they believed it to be true (yeah, sure they did), that completely absolves them of the responsibility for over 4,000 lost American lives, huh? No accountability necessary, right?

    Your convoluted process of rationalization reminds me of a scene from “All in the Family” in which Archie and the Meathead were in a heated discussion concerning Watergate:

    Archie: “When are you gonna stop with all this Watergate crapola?”

    Meathead: “When you admit that Nixon lied about the cover-up.”

    Archie: “Listen, Meathead, President Nixon did not lie.”

    Meathead: “Oh, no?”

    Archie: “No. He simply forgot to tell the truth.”

  25. Orlando Clay

    Roger wrote: “Failed war on terrorism..I am afraid not we have not been attacked in coming up on 8 year.”

    Oh, boy, the old “Bush kept us safe since 9/11” line.

    Where was Bush in the month BEFORE 9/11, Roger?

    Well, Roger, he spent nearly the entire month of August on vacation in Crawford, Texas, while a PDB memo entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the US” gathered dust on his desk.

    Failed war on terrorism. I’m afraid so, Roger.

  26. Orlando Clay

    Oh, one other thing, Mike:

    Starting a war based on BELIEFS rather than FACTS. Sounds a whole lot like the radical Islam we’re supposedly fighting against, doesn’t it?

    I just can’t understand how anybody with an IQ greater than their shoe size or who isn’t an employee of News Corporation can continue to staunchly defend the Bush administration despite the overwhelming evidence of lies, corruption, and arrogance. I fully expect this type of behavior from Fox News sycophants like snuss and DingDong, but not you, Mike.

  27. Mike Carroll

    Orlando-You or Pat bring me proof, not opinion but proof, of any lies being told or laws being broken and I will support any prosecution of those involved to the full extent of the law.
    Nothing that you have alleged would hold up in a court of law, Hell, your accusations would not make it past Summary Judgement.
    Differences of opinion are not actionable in this country, at least not yet. Perhaps that is one of the changes that your savior will bring forward.
    Arrogance? The current occupant of the White House makes W look humble.

  28. swamprat

    Mike. Thanks for your opinion “lawyer boy.” Where should I send my $500?
    This is why we have anarchy in America. We have attorneys who make more money finding technicalities to keep criminals out of jail, than the prosecuters earn.
    You Republicans should change your symbol from the pachyderm to the ostrich

  29. roger

    Orlando says..
    Where was Bush in the month BEFORE 9/11, Roger?

    Where was Clinton when Clinton MISSED the chance to get Bin Laden and 911 might not have happened!!!

  30. roger

    You Republicans should change your symbol from the pachyderm to the ostrich

    Well the Democrats is perfect a donkey or in other word a jack-ass

  31. Mike Carroll

    Swamprat-T make the record perfectly clear,I am not an attorney although I did spend 2 years in law school so I feel somewhat qualified to comment on legal matters. You can send the $500 to your local United Way unless you are the typical liberal who is only generous with the money of others.

  32. swamprat

    Roger says “Well the Democrats is perfect a donkey or in other word a jack-ass”

    The Democrat symbol is a donkey.
    You wouldn’t know it was a jackass unless it was one of your relatives.

  33. swamprat

    Mike. I would give it to the United Way but last year I gave it to the Bush administration. He gave it to Iraq. Apparently the Republicans believe welfare for foreign countries is more important than helping our own people.

  34. roger

    Pat lets see what your made of.
    swamprat one of your buddies made a family comparision which you say you don’t condone.

    Are you going to say some thing to him as you have others.

    Swamprat I know a jack-ass its you and your wife!!!

    Your just a stupid cinial OLD man.

  35. roger

    Swamprat lets here some more stories about your dumb ass dad and how he showed you camp grant.

    Where did he take you to the stables too see the rest of your kin.

    Proof your kind of democrats are JACK-ASSES

  36. swamprat

    Roger. And you’re just a troll who hides under the bridge on this blog and attacks anyone who has an opinion that is different than yours.

  37. roger

    swamprat you attacked first .
    Correction your not a jack-ass!!

    Your not even that good your more like the crap that comes out its ass.

    My comment was about the donkey you personalised it with a direct attack so bite me asshole.

    Your the whole reason why abortion should be legal.

  38. roger

    36. swamprat | May 16th, 2009 at 11:41 am
    Roger. And you’re just a troll who hides under the bridge on this blog and attacks anyone who has an opinion that is different than yours.

    And like you don’t you hypocritcal Jack-ass.

    Your a perfect reason why some OLD folks should be committed

  39. swamprat

    roger. By attacks, I mean your childish rants and calling people lowly names. By your comments above, I wonder how old you are. Can’t you express an opinion without calling people nasty names?

  40. roger

    You wouldn’t know it was a jackass unless it was one of your relatives.

    And just what is this.
    You called my relatives a jack-ass

    So again you show you are a hypocrite

  41. roger

    Swamprat in case your to old to remember you said it in comment 32.

    It shows you are a hypocrite.

    You started it now you cry about it.

    You don’t want to be called names don’t call family members names.

    vitamin b is good for the memory go get a case of it.

  42. bannernews

    Time to pull the plug on roger

  43. roger

    bannernews pull the plug on you.
    Swamprat stared it not me

  44. bannernews

    Nice four year old logic.

  45. roger

    bannernews then you should understand it.

    Typical lefty attitude too.

    Start stuff then back out blaming the other person.

    A true Democrat.

    Swamprat calls names its ok because he’s one of you.
    I do it in return and I’m wrong but he is not.

    Lefty all the way!!!

    You and your fellow Cronies have the 4 year old attitude

  46. bannernews

    Roger, a true representation of the the brain trust that is the Republican party. Roger belongs to the Potty Mouth section.

  47. roger

    Bannernews what about swamprat your cronie.

    Bannernews belongs to the one sided hypocrite club called democrats far left.

    Besides I am not a Republician I think both parties have big problems. as you do.

    Go and defend your honey swamprat maybe you to can go on a date.

  48. Billybeermonicagar

    Uh oh.

  49. roger

    Swamprat this snipping back and forth is getting no where.

    I’m sure we both have more constructive things to do.

    I know I have been out of line in some of my language.
    Whether you choose to admit it is on you.

    So I’ll stop if you stop.

    No on second thought I’ll just stop whether you do or not.
    I know I am really a better person than this and I would like to believe you are too.

    So the ball is in your park as to how you handle yourself from now on.

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