The Red House Furniture Store is where black people and white people buy furniture

This TV spot for a furniture store in Raleigh, N.C., has become an Internet sensation:




  1. Fred Flintstone

    Raleigh, N.C. Huh ….

    On Sunday, the Washington Times Christina Bellantoni stopped by a polling place in North Carolina, where she reported that
    a group of loud and angry protestors almost all of whom were white were shouting and mocking voters nearly all of whom were black.

    Bellatoni noted that people shouting about Obama acknowledged use of cocaine as a young man, abortion and one man used the word terrorist

    They also were complaining that Sundays are for church, not voting



    That last one really got me,
    ” They also were complaining that Sundays are for church, not voting”.

    But I guess protesting against a Black Americans right to vote is OK on a Sunday though.
    It noted that more than 200,000 voters went to the polls in the first two day’s of early voting in North Carolina.

    Obama won N.C by only 13,692 votes (2,123,390) over McCains 2,109,698 and Libertarian Bob Barr’s 25,419 whom many
    North Carolina Republicans blamed for McCains loss rather than the miserable state of their Party.

    Gawd, WingNuts, Cant live with ’em, Can’t kill ’em 🙂 🙂

  2. Orlando Clay

    North Carolina, eh? Jesse Helms must be turning over in his grave over this. Spin, baby, spin!!

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