GOP drops resolution demanding that Democrats rename their party


 Amid widespread ridicule, the Republican National Committee has ABANDONED a proposed resolution that would advise its rival party to change its name to the Democrat Socialist Party.

 The more rabid elements of the GOP likely will see this development as a sign of weakness on the part of Michael Steele and Co. and will eagerly await further instructions from Rush Limbaugh on how to proceed.

 UPDATE: Steele SAYS liberalism will kill you.



  1. Nelson

    Obviously, they realized that if the Democrats had to change their name to reflect their agenda, they would be forced to do the same.
    They’d be forced to accept a name like “Heartless, Fascist Republican Party”….or something to that effect.

  2. Craig Knauss

    Steele says liberalism will kill you. Hot flash Mr. Steele, conservatism causes severe hair loss. (As well as impotence.)

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