Obamas go to NYC! Wingnuts go bonkers!


The PETTINESS of the Obamaphobes is simply incredible.



  1. Mike Carroll

    What’s the carbon footprint on that night out on the town?

  2. Good point, Mike. And what’s the carbon footprint of Dubya’s 77 trips to Crawford (that’s an average of one every 39 days of his eight-year presidency)? The guy and his entourage spent literally hundreds of hours in the air on flights to and from his almost countless vacations.
    But, of course, it was important that he tend to brush-clearing chores at his ranch (in phonus balonus emulation of Ronnie Reagan).

    The real story in this matter is the political tone-deafness of Obama’s critics. They actually have no idea how badly such petty whining plays with the general public.

  3. Orlando Clay

    Where was the Con outrage when Bush spent nearly the entire month of August 2001 in Crawford while the infamous “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the US” DPB memo went ignored?

    Where was the Con outrage when Bush and McCain partied “like it was 1999” in Arizona while New Orleans drowned?

    And yet the Cons go ape over a Saturday night in the Big Apple.

    You’re doin’ a heckuva job, Cons!

  4. Mike Carroll

    Patrick and Orlando- a bit thin skinned today aren’t we?
    I don’t have a problem with presidents flying off on vacations or weekends in Camp David. No problem at all.It just seems a bit, what shall we say, hypocritical for President Obama to be lecturing us on the dangers of Global Warming (or is the buzz phrase Climate Change these days?) and then be practicing something far different. Oh well, he certainly has a good role model in Al Gore.
    Keep up the fulminating on W boys. I am sure that will be very effective going forward when the adverse impact of this administrations decisions becomes evident.
    This back benching stuff can be fun.

  5. Mike,
    Are you really trying to argue that someone who is concerned about global warming in order not to be a hypocrite must not travel at all? Good luck with that line of argument.

  6. carpentr85

    everybody has to travel, just common sense. maybe they could have taken public transportation?

  7. How could the president take public transportation? The Secret Service would have to search the plane, train, whatever for bombs and weapons, etc. for at least a half hour before the president boarded. It couldn’t be done.

  8. echo4charlie

    Sure it could, Dave. You just said it yourself, and how they could do just that.

    I really don’t care that they went on the town. This guy has the worst job in the world, right now (outside of the people that have to clean up the messes on the floor(s) of hospital delivery rooms), and deserves a night or two out on the town.

    However, what is (and has been) good for the goose, is good for the gander.

    And, how much did the Air Force One (low flying) “Photo Op” (which created hysteria, and which our President disavows any knowledge of) cost again? And, how much fuel did it take?

    That can’t be good for the environment……

  9. DingDong

    Pat is all about practice what you preach. Are you telling me there are not good restaurants in DC? I know for a fact there are many good ones. Bush never talked infinitum about sacrificing for planet and our children. Also, does it matter where the President is, he is always working.

    Also, I love the idiots in NY clapping as he went by. We are in a recession, Obama’s spending is surpassing everyone’s imaginations and he is sacrificing in the mold of Chavez and Castro.


  10. The title pretty much says it all.

    Ad-hoc attacks typical of Liberals. This is just propaganda to distract the Obama followers from asking questions like

    “Weren’t we just yelling at Bush for this kind of stuff?”


    “Why are we supposed to be mad when Bush did it but it’s ok for Obama?”

    Don’t worry the Obama faithful can’t even define a double standard much less recognize one. It doesn’t take much when most Obama voters only voted because stand-up comedians and celebrities told them to.

  11. I’d rather see them travel in a Prius or Smart for 2. He has no problem dictating that we drive a Tic Tac on wheels in 7 years, so he should at least take Amtrak to NY.
    And I will not defend all the trips W took or Pelosi flying on a private jet to Kalifornia, either.

  12. Billybeermonicagar

    I was NYC for business during the Monica Lewinsky ‘event’. She dined in the same establishment we were in. She, like the Obama’s, received a standing O. What a bunch of Looney libs those New Yorkers are! Two standing O’s for two “blowhards”.

  13. Bandwagon

    According to the Fox News estimates, the “date” cost taxpayers $75,000. That comes to about two and half cents per American citizen. Considering the enormous job the president deals with, and the fact the country EXPECTS AND DEMANDS security for our president, I have no problem with contributing a few pennies toward the first couples’ night out.

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