Was I too negative yesterday in reporting Obama’s latest poll numbers?


 Thirteen hours ago, I wrote a post (see HERE) reporting that President Obama’s poll numbers were down a bit of late, which I had previously predicted would happen.

 Within an hour or so of that writing, however, there were new poll numbers out suggesting that I had been perhaps unduly negative (as I noted in an update appended to that post).

 And now I see THIS PIECE, in which the case is made that the media in general are overplaying the president’s slippage in the polls.

 I still figure that Obama’s numbers will sink some in the coming weeks and months, but I don’t expect that his negatives will equal his positives any time this year, if ever.

 UPDATE: And then there’s THIS.

 UPDATE II: There’s THIS, too.

 UPDATE III: Ed Kilgore has an INTERESTING ANALYSIS of one of the recent polls.


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