Was I too negative yesterday in reporting Obama’s latest poll numbers?


 Thirteen hours ago, I wrote a post (see HERE) reporting that President Obama’s poll numbers were down a bit of late, which I had previously predicted would happen.

 Within an hour or so of that writing, however, there were new poll numbers out suggesting that I had been perhaps unduly negative (as I noted in an update appended to that post).

 And now I see THIS PIECE, in which the case is made that the media in general are overplaying the president’s slippage in the polls.

 I still figure that Obama’s numbers will sink some in the coming weeks and months, but I don’t expect that his negatives will equal his positives any time this year, if ever.

 UPDATE: And then there’s THIS.

 UPDATE II: There’s THIS, too.

 UPDATE III: Ed Kilgore has an INTERESTING ANALYSIS of one of the recent polls.



  1. George

    positives … what positives?? unless you’re talking about the government taking over two auto manufacturers and now trying to make it so that the federal reserve controls the rest of the banking system. great policies

  2. Neftali

    The portion of the dailykos story about public health care perceptions is interesting. I’m curious is those numbers would be swayed if all people polled were aware of this story:

    Hawaii Ending Universal Child Health Care
    Citing Budget Shortfalls, Only State With Universal Coverage Eliminates Funding After 7 Months


    Well…universal health care failed in Hawaii after a very short time span, so let’s try it on a larger scale, right liberals?

  3. george: By “positives” and “negatives,” I meant public attitudes toward Obama as reflected in polls. Your comment is irrelevant to that subject — at least in any direct sense.

  4. George

    i went back and re-read that sentence again, i see now what you were talking about. i do think that eventually his approval rating will be below 50 percent, give it time

  5. realfoxnews

    when people find out that he’s in bed with NBC and CBS and ABC,MSNBC. That’s why BOBO wont go on Fox they don’t go under the desk for him.

  6. echo4charlie

    His approval rating will sink, possibly below 50%, we’ll see. He’s got more hard decisions coming (and the decisions that he’ll be having to make will have no true “right” answer) as we fade from the “world stage” (not by his doing specifically, or GWB’s, but from a long list of people’s doing leading to this time. Please note that President Obama has been in office long enough to make a few bad decisions [as well as some good ones], but none of historical consequence, yet (if there is catastrophic damage from this “bailout” plan and stimulus package, we will see the results [whether positive or negative] in due time).

    He’s got to quit apologizing for what and who America has become, though. The things that we do in our culture that infuriate the Islamic community (and radicals) are the immoral behaviors that, over time after much “liberal” pushing, have become accepted social norms.

    He’s apologizing for who we are, when he’s part of the group that pushes for the rights to conduct ourselves in such fashion that he’s apologizing for.

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