George Will says it’s foolish to knock Obama for lack of fiery rhetoric regarding situation in Iran

 Even this guy occasionally gets it right:


 UPDATE: Conservative columnist Peggy Noonan also defends President Obama’s handling of the Iranian crisis.

 In THIS PIECE for the Wall Street Journal, Noonan writes:

To insist the American president, in the first days of the rebellion, insert the American government into the drama was shortsighted and mischievous. The ayatollahs were only too eager to demonize the demonstrators as mindless lackeys of the Great Satan Cowboy Uncle Sam, or whatever they call us this week. John McCain and others went quite crazy insisting President Obama declare whose side America was on, as if the world doesn’t know whose side America is on. “In the cause of freedom, America cannot be neutral,” said Rep. Mike Pence. Who says it’s neutral?

This was Aggressive Political Solipsism at work: Always exploit events to show you love freedom more than the other guy…

 UPDATE II: Right-winger Pat Buchanan, too, is DEFENDING OBAMA in this matter.



  1. realfoxnews

    Pat if I recall BOBO is getting from both sides, not just from the GOP. What if this was a none Muslin Country? Reagen wasn’t scared to voice his feeling to USSR, issues. They still sat down and talk after the war was over.

  2. hokumboy

    My God !!!!

    He can’t even spell Reagan !

  3. realfoxnews

    Hokumboy I was good at spelling until I had my accident 4-2008 I will have brain damage the rest of my life. I may not spell good at least I wasn’t killed in the accident.

  4. The Iranian government has been showing a video of Obama with a false translation where Obama declared his support for the protesters, and that they should keep on protesting.

  5. hokumboy

    If you’ve had a life altering accident I’m truly sorry. You do have my sympathy.
    But, that being said, there are a lot of spelling/grammar programs out there to assist you with your writing. Give them a try. If you are going to express your opinions you should strive to make them understood by those you are addressing.

  6. hokumboy

    We all have miskeys, typo’s , and an occasional misspelling. Including me, of course. But, I get really tired of wading through poorly presented posts and trying to decipher the message only to find there is no message. Only another rant.

    realfox seems to say nothing at all but the opinion that FoxNews is the greatest thing since sliced bread and the only source of truth in the civilized world.

    mike (not to be confused with the quite literate Mike Carroll) does nothing but shout that anyone who disagrees with his beliefs is:
    a. Gay
    c. A Hypocrite
    d. a member of “The Party of Satan”

    You too pack in your share of name calling:
    “left wing media love child”
    “Keith Overbite” (a bit 6th gradish, isn’t it?)
    “Socialist Demarcates” (again with the 6th grade slams)
    “Class Warfare pimps”

    Yes, Richard, I’m tired.
    I’ll come back when the, as Mike Carroll has aptly named them, “ankle biters” leave the building.

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