Investing a trillion dollars makes a whole lot more sense than wasting it


Joe Conason writes:

The senators who now claim that we cannot afford to spend a trillion dollars to make long overdue changes in health care know exactly what that amount can buy. They know because they have spent it, year after year, on military misadventures and subsidies to big banks and corporations, without stinting or whining.  Somebody should ask why they think we can afford those trillion-dollar boondoggles but not decent health care for all Americans.

 Read the whole thing HERE.

 UPDATE: Republicans suddenly have stopped citing figures from the Congressional Budget Office as an argument against Democratic proposals for health-care reform.

 HERE‘s why.



  1. Neftali

    1. Comparing the costs of national defense, preserving the flow monies as a utility, and health care insurance, is futile. They are three totally different entities. If Conason wants to open that can of worms there are millions of pointless programs the liberals are in favor of that have little redeaming value.

    2. So according the the CBO, the initial single-payer cost is $1T, then they revised to it $600B, then the final update says its going to be more like $1-1.3T? My Lord. Government has never shown to be competent at managing expenses, why should they start now? Something tells me that $1.3T is still an understatement.

    3. Having an “American model” that includes both “a private system and a public system, working together,” is a stupid, dumb, terrible idea. So those of us that pay for private insurance are going to end up having our taxes pay for public insurance? And the middle class taxes won’t go up from this? yeah, right. If they do implement this plan, and don’t increase taxes, the national debt will skyrocket that makes the Regan/Bush era look like a pittance.

  2. DingDong

    None of the math adds up. If is 600 billion over 10 years, so that is 60 billions a year. How many people can you insure for that amount? Now Medicare estimates that on average it costs them $6000 per year to cover someone. Now lets say if we are covering younger people our cost goes down to $4000 per year per person. Remember there are a lot things that Medicare does not cover, that is why they have gap insurance. That would cover 15 million people. But they claim there are 45 million uninsured. Also, as soon as this becomes available you can’t tell me companies will not start running the numbers to see what would be cheaper. Anytime the government does anything, it costs much more than what they quote.

  3. 15-20 million of those uninsured are illegal criminals here from Mexico. Criminal simply by being here! They have insurance coverage by the government of Mexico. Go home, and you are covered!

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