Three stooges warn that socialized medicine might kill you

Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!




  1. Nice try.

    I’m sure the process if very complicated. However, anyone one who knows how to read a flow chart would tell you that this was draw to be confusing. A lot of the lines could be drawn straight, but they go from one end of the chart to the other with no connection or intersections to other items.

    I could have one of my employees re-draw it in a format that could be understood, but that would defeat its purpose

  2. Orlando Clay

    snuss wrote: “…..I’d bet the farm that lives will be lost because of this Socialist boondoggle.”

    Oh, yeah, you’re absolutely right, snuss. After all, other than a few minor misfires — you know, the cakewalk into Iraq, women and children greeting the troops as liberators, and the war being paid for with oil — we all know you Cons have an intact record when it comes to accurate prognostications.

    mike wrote: “I gotta go, I need to max out my credit cards so I can get more affluent.”

    Don’t forget to talk to the “man behind the curtain.” Maybe he can give you a good deal on a new brain. Your current one has been fried by over-saturation of ridiculous right wing propaganda.

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