Birther mania

Two videos for the price of one, both having to do with the wingnut theory that Barack Obama is not a native-born American:





  1. Orlando Clay

    “Conspiracy theories are the easy answer for the weak-minded.” — Democratic Strategist Chris Kofinis, appearing on the 7/21 edition of “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.”

  2. George

    These are probably the same people who think we never landed on the moon and the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by our government.

  3. shawnnews

    Remember, these are the guys that say they are the real Americans.
    Notice how after they say something kooky they’ll wave a flag.

  4. shawnnews

    The Paranoid Style in American Politics.
    Mike– take a few science classes. If you ever feel the need to leave your ideology or communicate it in a different way, no one will hold against you — at least no one reasonable.

  5. Neftali

    shawnnews – You link to the history lesson of conspiracy theories in government is irrelevant here.

    When I first heard of the global warming theories about 10 years ago, I too was taken in and greatly concerned. I took a college class, Chemistry & the environment which focused heavily on the subject.

    Then I started doing my own research and realized that so much of this has to do with scientific funding. Government has granted $79B so far to fund this hysteria.


    Do the research on how much earth’s temperature has changed during its history. Especially the extreme warm periods a few hundred million years ago during dinosaur times. Also note the various ice ages that have came and went before man barely existed.

    Now consider all the other factors that go into climate change….sun spots, plate tectonics, earth’s wobbly rotation, and a thousand other things. Now also understand that weather projections are far from an exact science. There is a lot variables to factor in. Earth’s temperature changes to its own accord. Mankind has a very small influence.

  6. Craig Knauss

    “Scientific” mike said he was going to provide “scientific proof” that first trimester fetuses had personalities. He was also going to provide
    “scientific proof” of the existence of God. Has anybody seen any of mike’s “scientific proof”? I know that I can hardly wait.

  7. shawnnews

    Neftali– My comment on conspiracies is completely relevant to the “birther” conspiracy posts made here.
    When I urged Mike to tak a science class I was making a separate comment regarding his response to me.

  8. Craig Knauss

    Mike has attempted to perpetrate a couple of frauds on all of us. He was given two tasks, as a result of a couple of his own brazen statements, to provide the data for two claims of his that were not supported: 1) there is “scientific proof of the existence of God” and 2) there is “scientific proof of first trimester fetuses having a ‘personality’”.

    For the “scientific proof of God”, he refers to some “seers” who claim to have daily apparitions (visions) of the Virgin Mary, etc., as proof of God’s existence. They have claimed to have had something like 40,000 of these visions over the last 28 years. He chastises me for not knowing about this. First of all, being ono-Catholic, I don’t’ care about visions of the Virgin Mary. Secondly, in FIFTY YEARS of attending various churches: Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Church of Christ, Seventh Day Adventist, Latter Day Saints, etc., NOT ONE church has EVER mentioned the Medjugorje people. Why not? If they were truly proving the existence of God, one would think that EVERY denomination would be clamoring for them. But all those churches/ denominations have not. WHY NOT? And why has mike never explained how these visions, by a very select group of people (six?), affirms the existence of God, nor has he explained why the VATICAN has officially investigated and denounced these visions as a SCAM. (See the link for Catholic News, below). Instead, he provides a website for the group, which prominently displays a gift shop, etc. Regardless, the website fails to give SCIENTIFIC PROOF OF GOD.


    Mike’s second task was to provide scientific proof of a “personality” in a early term fetus. Mike refers to a link that is little more than a rant by an anti-choice doctor, who provided a ton of references from the anti-choice people. I scanned through the document looking for any discussion, whatsoever, regarding “personality” detected in the first three months after conception. I couldn’t find any. Was it hidden in somewhere in the text. I don’t know. But since mike used the term “personality” I conducted a word search for it and came up with absolutely nothing. (The word search was working properly.) The gist of the entire piece was that a fertilized egg cell would become a human being unless rudely interrupted. Duh. We all learned that in high school biology. Where was the part about a first trimester fetus showing emotion, etc. while STILL IN THE WOMB? Personally, I don’t know how such data could be collected and I was truly interested in seeing how the research was conducted. But mike’s reference failed to provide that information.

    Since I failed to swallow mike’s dubious statements, he has labeled me a “moron”. That is typical of his “Christian spirit“. I will not call mike a “moron” because that would be sinking to his level and violating my Christian spirit.

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