Why do we need health-care reform? Everything is just fine the way it is


 Jonathan Alter (above) cuts through all the phony political rhetoric and DARES TO SAY out loud what few others have the courage to even whisper:

 There’s nothing wrong with our health-care system. Let’s just leave it alone.



  1. Everything is not fine. I look forward to forced weight loss, smoking cessation, alcohol treatment, etc., all spelled out in the pages of Obamacare. The liberals are going to be screaming the loudest!

  2. realfoxnews

    I would say one thing is broken in this is Workers Comp. This is one thing what needs a major over haul. Union or none unions you get screwed. Pat this is one health care I would back you up 100%

  3. Neftali

    During her stay in a Barrington hospital, an elderly woman gives her personal take on European medicine

    Swedish visitor offers ?health care comparison


    She knows she wouldn’t have gotten the same treatment in her native country. Stegvik said the difference between the two was analogous to the difference between a luxury hotel and a budget motel.

    Taxes in Sweden are about twice as high as they are in the United States, Stegvik said. Last year Denmark succeeded Sweden as the country with the world’s highest tax burden, according to news reports.

    Planned hip surgery could take up to a year [in Sweden].

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