Here’s where I (sort of) defend Glenn Beck


 Let me be clear about this. I bow to no one in my distaste for the crazed utterances of Glenn Beck (or certain other right-wing hate-mongers). But I have to defend Beck in the matter of an illiberal campaign mounted against him by at least one gang of leftists.

 I refer to pressure that’s been brought to bear, with some success, on companies that advertise on Beck’s show on Fox News Channel. (Read about it HERE.)

 Boycotts of advertisers based on the political content of the programs they sponsor always have struck me as unfair or even un-American — no matter if the targeted programs are liberal, conservative or whatever.

 If the threat of boycotts makes advertisers wary of being even remotely associated with controversial political opinions expressed on radio or television or in print,  the media — national and local alike — will offer us only pablum. None will dare allow expression of opinions that might offend someone.

 If you choose not to buy a car from a company that runs ads on Glenn Beck’s show, that’s your business. But it’s wrong, I think, for anyone to mount a broad campaign or otherwise put pressure on that auto company to pull its ads from Beck’s program. 



  1. Pat I find myself agreeing with you on this point!

  2. It’s best to let him speak as often as possible. This way we will never forget just how crazy he and his followers are.

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