Sign of the times


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  1. Right from the Democratic play book!!

  2. Orlando Clay

    Would that happen to be a picture of regular Applesaucer “Richard,” the guy who screams about the “right to BARE arms” and “thugs who PRAY on the innocent”?

    You Cons are consistently pathetic, but occasionally in quite a most amusing manner!

  3. LOL,
    He just should have stuck to wearing the “patriotic” costume. Trying to use words is clearly beyond him.

  4. Illinoistom

    While it is great fun to mock people who can’t spell, this does nothing to advance the debate on the
    administration’s agenda. I would like to see more discussion on a troubling statistic: there are 7.6 registered health care lobbyists for every member of the House of Representatives. Why jeer at private citizens from either side of the debate while lobbyists from all political angles are purchasing support from congressmen that allegedly are there to represent their own district’s wishes?

  5. Illinoistom,
    An excellent point. That is why people are so upset.

  6. Richard,
    I was talking about the guy in the picture. When I am talking about you I will mention your name.
    I would never suggest that only certain kinds of people need government assistance. When it comes to health insurance and medical costs hardly anyone has enough money in the bank to be sure that they won’t need help sooner or later.

  7. shawnnews

    In this picture, it looks like the conservatives are using the same tactic they always do– wrap themselves in some patriotic and or religious garb and fluff and then say something ridiculous.
    And of course Roger or someone will say “Right from the Democratic play book.” The Democrats have their own platitudes and foibles — but a historical rewrite isn’t one, yet.
    If the conservatives had any spin sense they would be accusing the media of portraying only the morons of their movement as the norm, like birthers and deathers. But instead leaders in the Republican Party have embraced and echoed their ridiculous claims.
    The conservatives wrap themselves in flags and Bibles so much that it’s no surprise that people look at both symbols with suspicion.

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