Bobby Jindal doesn’t like stimulus-bill spending, except when he does like it


  Remember Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana who once was touted as the brightest young star of the Republican Party (until his GOP response to President Obama’s State of the Union address was almost universally seen as a DISASTER)?

 Well, Bobby’s been busy lately honing his credentials as a political hypocrite.

 Take, for instance, his stance (or stances, as it were) on the issue of federal money available from the stimulus bill. Bobby just CAN’T MAKE UP HIS MIND whether he’s for or against using that money in his own state. And when he’s for it, he tries to hide the true source of the money.



  1. How about for those liberals who opposed the war until the dems were in charge and are now strangely quiet.


  2. Neftali

    Try as you might to try and undermine Jindahl, but he still has the best proposed solution to health care that I’ve heard.

    “Imagine if the president proposed a reform package that made health insurance portable, ended frivolous lawsuits, allowed for pooling, required insurance companies to cover the sick, paid based on outcomes and not activity, used refundable tax credits to increase affordability and incentivized rather than penalized small businesses to provide coverage. Republicans would support those reforms, and the policy would benefit the entire country. True, it wouldn’t be the radical and exciting restructuring that Pelosi is pushing, but it would begin to move us toward common-sense, bottom-up solutions. Solutions! There’s an idea.

    But wait, as the late Billy Mays would say, there’s more. Social Security and Medicare, our two biggest entitlement programs in this country, are perpetually underfunded and are always in danger of going bankrupt. Is it even remotely possible that we as a country are now considering adding an entire new entitlement program to our repertoire?”


  3. I was against the war back then, and I’m against the war now.

    As for Bobby Jindal, I don’t have to try to undermine him. All I have to do is let him speak. He’ll undermine himself.

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