Obamaphobes urging parents to keep their kids home from school next Tuesday


 Just when you think the wingnuts can’t get any nuttier, they prove you wrong.

 This time, the fuss among the booboisie is over plans for President Obama to directly address the nation’s students by way of television next Tuesday on the importance of education. (Details HERE.)

 Conservative Web sites and blogs suddenly are AFLAME WITH OUTRAGE over the very idea of the president invading the classrooms of America. They say it’s akin to Chinese communism, Hitlerism and worse.

 Never mind that the first President Bush SIMILARLY ADDRESSED the nation’s students in 1989 on the importance of staying away from drugs and again in 1991 “to promote students’ and parents’ awareness of the educational challenge we face.”

 But that was then, and this is now. Now we have wingnuts running loose all over the place.


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