Early poll shows Huckabee strongest GOP candidate against Obama in 2012


 If Sarah Palin isn’t going to be the Republican challenger to Barack Obama in 2012 — but wouldn’t that be too, too delicious? — here’s hoping it’s Mike Huckabee.

 And, in fact, there’s cause for hope. Public Policy Polling is out with a SURVEY that shows Huckabee running better than the other GOP hopefuls against Obama in a hypothetical matchup 37 months from now. The former Arkansas governor gets 41 percent to Obama’s 47 percent.

 As for Palin, well, she’s the weakest candidate in the GOP field, and 55 percent of poll respondents have a negative opinion of her:

Sarah Palin polls the worst against Obama, and her numbers have been getting progressively worse over the last couple months. Her favorability peaked in our polling at 47/45 in the middle of July, then dropped to 40/49 in August, and now 37/55 in September. Hard to say why she’s seeing so much droppage during a period when she’s been mostly out of the public eye but it all adds up to her trailing Obama 53-38.



  1. I bet you had to work hard to find such a flattering picture. Looks like he just got out of bed.

  2. Orlando Clay

    Since you mentioned the ex-Gov. Quitter on Twitter, Pat, I would like to share the following observation:

    In 2003, the Dixie Chicks went to London, bashed (and, as it turned out, deservedly so) President Bush on foreign soil during a time of war and were incessantly castigated by the Dittoheads. Traitors! Sluts!

    Fast forward to 2009: Palin goes to Hong Kong, criticizes President Obama on foreign soil during a time of war, and not just the Dittoheads, but also the Beckerheads, remain SILENT.

    Just chalk it up as Yet More Blatant Con Hypocrisy, Part 9567.

  3. Orlando,

    I think the chicks comments were something along the line of hating the war and being embarrassed by Bush. They were boycotted by radio stations and fans.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Palin gave a speech to a private, paying audience closed to reporters and criticized Obama’s economic policy decisions. I don’t think she criticized his foreign policy or his handling of the war, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Even if she did, exercise your opinion and don’t vote for her and don’t buy her books.

  4. Palin has written books?

  5. Not yet, but she has an inked deal.

  6. realfoxnews

    Mr. Expdoc do think there is any help Orlando? Or should he be taken off the machine and rest in h@@@.

  7. shawnnews

    The conservatives could have a fine candidate by 2012. Hypothetical candidates are a trap. The Giuliani-Clinton race didn’t happen.

  8. Well…looks like the GOP is doing well with financial donations, which is unusual considering the party in power usually fares better in this area.


  9. Juice – Disagree with the President’s policies all you want, but that was really uncalled for.

  10. Mr. Funfsinn

    Obama is polling under 50%.

  11. I would think Palin would have to read a book before she’s ready to write one.

    And, BTW, Juice, Obama’s been in office about 9 months. Gov’t policies don’t move that fast so most of what’s going in now can be traced back to 8 years of GWB and probably some of Clinton as well.

  12. Chuck Sweeny

    You can certainly say this about Mike Huckabee: We’ve never had a president named Huckabee!
    The name kinda sounds like one of those chain restaurants out on the Interstate.
    If he wins, Huck and his band, “The Little Rockers,” can play at his own inauguration.

  13. realfoxnews

    Chuck and your last name is any better sweeny WEENIE, I bet the old kids loved you on the play ground.

  14. My archive of ugly racist remarks by Juice just became larger with his Comment No. 10 above.

  15. I liked huckabee in the last election cycle. Seems like a solid guy. He may not have the flash of a palin, but he will be tough for the dems to dislike.

    juice way to bring nothing of value to the discussion.

  16. Mike Huckabee has this authentic and genuine way about him…something that Sarah Palin doesn’t even come close to. I’m a true liberal and therefore, I’m not sure I could vote for him, but I do like him.

  17. SNuss…humorless Leftists are a myth…I LOVE to laugh….give me a good sit com (of which there are just a few), the daily funnies, classic comedies in the movies, a funny story, Prairie Home Companion (be warned, however, it’s a left leaning radio show) and I’m as happy as a right winger at a Sarah Palin party!

  18. Huckabee/ Palin, A sure winner 🙂

  19. Humorless Leftists ??
    This coming from SNuffy ????

    Poor Stewart. Why he’s the most pleasant person on the entire internetS,. Easy to find too, He thinks the Left see’s him as a threat. Listen closer Stewie, That’s laughter you hear.

    Your quite insane you know

    Lol 🙂

  20. Here’s the thing about humor coming from the left… it’s never actually funny. Even better, those on the left think it is hilarious to rip on religion or conservatives, red necks etc. , but someone rips on one of their own or makes fun of their sacred religion (global warming) watch out! It’s like somebody kicked their cat. Someone who actually has a sense of humor can take a joke, liberals can’t! I think that is the main reason Limbaugh makes liberals foam at the mouth.

  21. expdoc: Unwittingly, you’re the amusing one here, with your ridiculous argument that humor from the left is “never actually funny” and your implication that Limbaugh actually is.

    Limbaugh is a racist, sexist idiot, whose humor appeals only to those who appreciate such stuff as his admonition to a black caller to “take that bone out of your nose.” By comparison, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, et al, are liberals whose comedy chops are widely celebrated.

    You’re probably one of the precious few who think that right-winger Dennis Miller is funny.

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