Wingnuts find fault with sameness of Obama’s smile in series of photographs


 Just when you thought these people couldn’t get any weirder, they prove you wrong.

 At a right-wing blog site appropriately named Hot Air, they’re MAKING A FUSS over the fact that President Obama’s smile never changes (nor does the position of his hands) through a series of 130 photos with foreign leaders at last week’s doings at the United Nations.

 They call it “an analogy for an empty-suit presidency.”



  1. You don’t need to show emotion to read from teh teleprompter that Ben Bernanke programs for this new world order, global governance scheme shilling economy raping fraud.

  2. love the fact that this is a moderated blog BTW…..a great way to show that it is un biased.

  3. I agree with you there Pat. I do think his smile at times looks forced but not as bad most politicians. He’s a good looking guy and he looks better when he radiates the pearly whites. I’d smile too if I had that gift.

  4. DOA: Regarding your snarkiness in Comment No. 2, two points: 1) The only comments that are moderated are those from people who have not previously contributed and those that include two or more links in their comments. 2) Your contributions have all been published, so what’s this nonsense about bias?

    Oh, one more thing: Your Comment No. 1 makes absolutely no sense at all, even as a representation of right-wing thought.

  5. Don’t most people smile the same most of the time?

  6. Orlando Clay

    Oh, I don’t know, snuss…..I rather fancy the smile in this photo which was taken the night most Americans breathed a collective sigh of relief that 8 long, godawful, miserable years of GOP arrogance, corruption, ineptitude, and outright failure were about to come to an eagerly anticipated end…..


  7. You apparently don’t realize satire when you see it, Patty. But then that is to be expected from what passes for leftist “thought”.

    BTW, at best only about half the nation “sighed with relief” when The One ascended to the Office of President Elect. The rest of the country realized we were in for the worst 4 years since Carter. We’ve been right so far.

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