Stirring testimony against health-care reform




  1. I’d like any liberal to point out any Republican member in Congress that doesn’t think we need health care reform.

    Any takers?

    Didn’t think so.

  2. dudessabides

    I’m taking a serious look at the Green Party platform.

  3. Hilarious! I especially liked Phil who didn’t want the government to say to him, “Here, this medicine will cure your disease. Take it – we’ll even pay for it!” LOL

    If only it were that simple… The reality of it is, that the “government” doesn’t have any money and consequently, doesn’t pay for any of the programs it imposes upon the people. The taxpayers do. As the government expands, offering more and more “public services” to its loyal subjects, the operation cost continues to rise. The success of such an endeavor hinges upon people working, producing something of economic value, and then paying taxes to fund the system.

    But how long before people start to get tired of seeing most of their paycheck gone before it ever gets into their hands? How long before taxpayers begin to say to themselves, “Why are we working so hard? After all, the government already provides us with everything we need…” What will happen if everyone starts using goods and services from government programs, and no one pays taxes to fund them? If you don’t know the answer to that, why don’t you ask Mikhail Gorbachev about December of 1991? 😉

  4. And Pat, how come you never respond to any of my comments? Or anyone else who approaches with a logical argument, for that matter… It’s easy to pick on someone like Mike who often shoots himself in the foot with his emotional, knee-jerk statements. It’d be nice once in a while to see you take on somebody who’s your intellectual equal. Then, maybe we’d begin to see who’s ideas hold water…

  5. Jobu,

    He won’t because he can’t.

  6. Jobu: Here’s the way the deal works: When I put up a post, you have the choice or responding or not. When you put up a comment, I have the choice of responding or not. This is a part-time gig for me, and frankly I don’t have the time to respond to every question posed here. If you want to consider my failure to respond in certain instances as examples of my cowering from an argument with an intellectual equal, go right ahead. But if you continue to offer comments here, I expect that I’ll eventually engage you. So far, nothing you’ve said has prompted me to respond, just as some of my posts seem not to have stirred you to comment.

    expdoc: Your comment ignores the fact that I’ve engaged you in arguments on many occasions. But then, perhaps you consider yourself less than my intellectual equal, in which case it might be said that Jobu’s estimation of my cowardice still pertains.

  7. SNuss: You and your right-wing Deather friends are getting a taste of your own medicine, and you don’t like it. Too bad. When are Republicans going to apologize for these remarks?:

    “Last week Democrats released a health care bill which essentially said to America’s seniors: Drop dead.” [Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL), 7/21/09]

    – “They’re going to save money by rationing care, getting you in a long line. Places like Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe. People die when they’re in line.” [Rep. Steve King (R-IA), 7/15/09]

    – “The Republican plan will] make sure we bring down the cost of health care for all Americans and that ensures affordable access for all Americans and is pro-life because it will not put seniors in a position of being put to death by their government.” [Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), 7/28/09]

    – “That’s exactly what’s going on in Canada and Great Britain today…and a lot of people are going to die.” [Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA), 7/10/09]

    – “One in five people have to die because they went to socialized medicine! … I would hate to think that among five women, one of ‘em is gonna die because we go to socialized care.” [Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), 7/15/09]

  8. Pat,

    I hope your sense of humor improves after the caffeine kicks in!

    Certainly you are my intellectual superior. All liberals are, just ask them. In their view they must be right, because they care.

  9. gowader: I hope your daughter is doing well.

  10. Pat,

    So sorry if I offended you. My comment wasn’t meant to imply that you were afraid of an intellectual challenge (or anything else, for that matter). I was just stating an observation to see if/how you would respond. With that said, though, I must point out that you are most definitely dead wrong about at least one thing…

    Something I’ve said HAS prompted a response from you – lol! :p

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