Limbaugh wants to buy NFL team, but some players want nothing to do with racist jerk


 Don’t hold your breath waiting for radio demagogue Rush Limbaugh to gain ownership of a team in the National Football League.

 As we see HERE, El Rushbo would not be a popular choice.

 POSTSCRIPT: Speaking of Limbaugh, it seems he’s been SELECTED as one of the judges at the upcoming Miss America pageant.

 What are those idiots thinking? Limbaugh’s more notoriously sexist than he is racist. But then, the Miss America thing is not exactly an exercise in feminism.

 In fact, the pageant has become so irrelevant that none of the major TV networks carries it anymore. It’s televised on some off-brand cable channel, and hardly anybody watches it.



  1. Neftali

    Keith Olbermann, who knows more about sports than he does politics, actually came out in favor of the Limbaugh purchase.

    “There are now going to be character tests for sports owners?” Olbermann said. “There will only be three of them left. Unless they beat the Vikings Sunday, as of next Thursday it will have been a full year since the Rams won a game. My God, if Limbaugh wants to buy them, far be it for me to tell them he’s flushing his money down a rat hole.”


  2. Well, as we can see from these comments some people don’t think Rush is a racist and as we can see in some of the linked articles some people (including a lot of pro football players and coaches, apparently) think he is. Let’s see which opinion carries the day. Let’s just see if the NFL allows Rush to be an owner in their league.
    As we saw in the last election although the Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee and other anti-McCain Republicans made a great deal of noise in the end their opinions had as much effect on events as the squeaking of my garden gate hinge.

  3. mike,
    Let me see if I understand what you are saying. You are claiming that the majority of NFL owners and the commissioner not only do not agree with the quoted players and coaches about what kind of person Rush Limbaugh is, but they SO much do not agree that they are going to call their bluff, let Rush buy the Rams and say let the players and coaches boycott if they want to. Did I get that right? Is that what you are predicting is going to happen?

  4. Treasonous mike, the advocate of a military coup, is in no position to lecture anybody about the “denigration” of America.

  5. Richard,
    OK I’ll ask you. Are you predicting that a majority of owners and the commissioner are so convinced of Rush Limbaugh’s sterling character that they will let Rush buy the Rams, risking a boycott by players, coaches and fans? Is that your prediction?

  6. Steelhawk

    When you said racist jerk I thought you were talking about the Reverend Wright or the Pres who sat and listened to Rev Wrights hatefilled garbage for 20 years. The same Pres who proclaimed this racist as his spiritual leader. He wanted to be judged by the people he hangs with. Walks like a duck, etc…..

  7. Richard,
    What you or I think doesn’t matter. What will the owners and commissioners think? Are you going to take responsibility for your words or not? Are you making the prediction that they will allow Rush to buy the Rams or not? Are you trying to weasel out? Do you stand behind your words?

  8. David: Forget what Richard says. There’s no way the NFL is going to allow a guy of Limbaugh’s questionable character to own a franchise. Beyond his racism, fascism and sexism, there’s the matter of his drug abuse. Nor does the league want the kind of sideshow that would arise with boycotts — not only direct boycotts against the team but also against TV and radio sponsors, etc. No way. Ain’t gonna happen.

  9. The players may come around if he shares his viagra and call girl connections.

  10. Tim: Good point. I hadn’t thought about that.

  11. Rich what you are missing is most of the names listed above can run a 4.5 forty. There is no shortage of rich white guys that want to buy a nfl team. 250 pound men that can run like a deer are a little tougher to find. No chance the NFL takes a chance with Rush.

  12. Well i’m sorry Richard, the highest bidder doesn’t always win. You don’t have to look any further then the sale of the Cubs for proof. The other owners get to pick who joins there exclusive club. The biding process is only one part of the process.

    “So a 4.5 forty makes bad behavior ok?”

    I didn’t say it makes it ok. I was explaining the reason why the nfl will keep a guy like lewis or vick, but won’t take a chance with Rush.

  13. I am no fan of Rush. But the the Rams fans will come to games if someone makes them win again. I was checking for tickets for today’s game at an online ticket broker yesterday. There were 1,000’s of tickets available startuing at $19.00. They have been a losing team for several years, and being in St. Louis, would welcome Rush back to MO to buy the team.

  14. I find it sad and hypocritical that Black players are boycotting a rich White man because they say he is a racist. Obviously … they don\’t even listen to Rush, and thus are simply believing what others say. So what is the real reason they don\’t like Rush … it is because Rush is an opponent of Barak Obama, and anyone opposed to their BLACK PRESIDENT must be a racist. Couldn\’t possibly be that Rush has strong political disagreements regarding Obama\’s policies and direction he is taking America. But then, my guess is that most of the outspoken players have no idea what those strong political differences are. So, it is easier to just badmouth Rush along with their other Black Brothers and call him a racist. Yes racism is alive. Blacks are the most guilty of all! And, the biggest irony just might be that they will deny Rush the opportunity to buy the Rams, and no other rich white man will be dumb enough to buy this losing team. The race baiters just might find themselves out of their million dollar jobs and wishing they had that rich white guy, rush Limbaugh, paying their salaries. My hope is that one day people will catch on that the most racist among us are Blacks themselves. It will be their racist attitude, kept alive by the likes of Rev. Wright, that keeps the divisiveness between races alive, because none of the players will take the time or effort to discover the truth … that is Rush is definitely NOT a racist.

  15. “And, the biggest irony just might be that they will deny Rush the opportunity to buy the Rams, and no other rich white man will be dumb enough to buy this losing team.”

    According to reports there is 6 different ownership groups that are dumb enough to buy the rams. The sale price is expected to be between 700 – 750 million.

    It also isn’t just the black players that spoke out , but the entire union that has spoke out.

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