Gallup: Two-thirds of Repubs view Palin favorably while 60 percent of Americans in general don’t


 THIS REPORT from the Gallup organization on Sarah Palin’s favorability ratings also notes that Democrat John Edwards is viewed negatively by the vast majority of Americans — as a result, of course, of his extramarital dalliances.

 But Edwards’ political career is over, while Palin’s apparently is not. As Gallup reports:

 Despite the increasingly negative views of Palin overall, she is still seen as a possible contender for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. Indeed, when Gallup tested a field of possible GOP candidates, Palin was competitive with Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee for the lead.



  1. QuentinK

    My god, why don’t the intelligent fiscal conservatives divorce themselves from the mentally incompetent wing-nuts once and for all. If the center independents were to form a party where fiscal responsibility were paired with the acceptance of other people’s right to pursue happiness according to their own beliefs we would have a real political party of contention.

  2. What exciting poll results from the viewpoint of someone who wants to see Democrats elected! These results suggest the possibility of the Republicans nominating Palin as their candidate for president. This would be great for the Democrats since she is so unpopular with independents and Democrats and would face almost certain defeat.

  3. Another worthless poll. Rasmussen poll shows Huckabee 29%, Romney 24% and Palin 18%. Which is correct? Does 18% support from her own party make a viable candicacy?

    Part of her overall favorability rating likely has to do with sympathy generated by the brutal treatment she and her family have received from the media. She does not seem to be a viable candidate for 2012 but that is a long way from now.

    I wonder why the media was so harsh on Palin and her family yet continues to give Obama a pass on all the loonies and criminals he has appointed to work for him?

  4. expdoc: As I’ve pointed out here on numerous occasions, Rasmussen polls are suspect because they employ a dubious “likely voters” model, which is questionable when the next presidential election is still 37 months away. Rasmussen polls often are what they call “outliers,” which means their results are at variance with those of most other polls. This might help explain why Rasmussen is not commissioned by any of the major media. Personally, I put a lot more trust in polls commissioned by Fox News than I do in results from Rasmussen polls.

  5. I personally find it dubious that Palin is a likely candidate for the Republicans in 2012. The media will never relent on their attack attitude towards her and therefore she cannot be viable. Qualifications aside, she is a real offense to the liberal media because of who she is and the choices she has made.

    She was not educated at an Ivy League school, she is a hunter and gun rights advocate, she advocates energy independence for our country by actually using the resources we have rather than relying on our enemies to supply the oil we need for the forseeable future,she chose to carry a fetus with a known genetic disorder to term instead of choosing abortion and she is an attractive,charismatic working mom. They are simply terrified of her and conducted a very effective campaign to destroy her personally. I don’t see her ever being elected again.

  6. expdoc: If political opponents of Sarah Palin are “simply terrified of her” because of the attributes you assign to her, why do you think she’ll never be elected again? That doesn’t make sense. Why would we be terrified of somebody who’s unelectable?

    You say the attacks on her have made her unelectable, but Obama won the presidency in an electoral landslide despite all the stuff about Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, corrupt Chicago politics, inexperience, Muslimism, insufficient patriotism, messianism, birth certificates, “bitter clingers,” flag pins, etc., etc. — all of which got prominent media play. Moreover, the most-watched cable news network and the most-listened-to talk-radio shows were avowedly opposed to Obama, but he won anyway.

    So, why are you so quick to give up on Palin? Is it because so many prominent conservatives (George Will, David Brooks, David Frum, Kathleen Parker, Peggy Noonan, et al) from outside the Fox News-Limbaugh axis have deemed her unqualified for high office? If that’s the case, say so. Don’t blame it all on the liberal media.

  7. Oh, by the way, doc, lots of liberal women, too, have carried fetuses with known genetic disorsders to full term instead of choosing abortions. On that score, they are no less deserving of the sainthood you so eagerly want to confer on Sarah Palin. So come off it.

  8. Pat,

    Don’t be an idiot. I don’t see where I voted to canonize Palin and I said nothing about Obama. If you could actually read with any attention to detail you would note that my post said “qualifications aside”.
    I personally never thought she was qualified for the VP spot. The media attention you note for Obama the candidate was of course nothing like that given to Palin. While Obama was attacked for his professional associations and past record by a very small segment of the media, Palin’s family was the point of focus. To his credit, the President was disdainful of that behavior at the time.

  9. QuentinK

    No achievements mike? Let\’s see. Wing nuts sent to cry in their tea bags. Check. Cheney out of office. Check. Diplomacy established over threats. Check. Health care reform despite the knuckle draggers. Check. Intelligence over stupidity. Check. Reason over foolishness. Check. Honor over shame. Peace over war, Check I could go on but it seems to me like Obama is batting 1.000. Face it, Obama is a great president despite the right\’s feeble attempts to bring the USA down. 2012 is coming and will have 4 more years of greatness. Get used to it.

  10. QK,

    You better check your facts.

    Bush’s war in Iraq is ending. Obama’s war in Afghanistan is just getting reved up. I wouldn’t say that is peace.
    Cheney out of office was a chip shot, you could have done that, he wasn’t even up for election.
    Intelligence over stupidity based on what? We’ll see how intelligent his handling of foreign affairs turns out.
    Honor over shame? Did his opponent John McCain lack honor?
    The current health care reform proposal doesn’t even meet his own stated goals of coverage for everyone and lowering costs. You probably should go on, because you’ve made no legitimate points in your post.

    Seems as if you have been bedazzled by the smile and rhetoric like all your liberal buds.

  11. Orlando Clay

    snuss asks: “If Palin is not a threat to the Left, why do they continue their vicious attacks against her?”

    Are you kidding, snuss? You’re a much bigger threat to a box of Krispy Kremes than Sarah Palin is to the Left. The ex-Gov. Quitter on Twitter is a bottomless pit of punchlines not only for late-night comics and left-wing pundits, but also for those of us who seek to demonstrate to middle-of-the-road voters just how detached from reality the conservative base that adores her (and I’m sure that includes you) truly is. As the cliche goes, she’s the gift that just keeps on giving!

  12. snuss. And you were going up Highway 192 to get a job at Disneyworld as Dopey, one of the seven dwarfs,right?

  13. Richard C

    So two-thirds of Republicans are men and sixty percent of Americans are women. Big deal, she looks a better than Nancy Pelosi or Olympia Snowe and in public opinion polls its all about appearance.

  14. Tex,

    Brilliant hard hitting analysis. I look forward to your every bit of insight.You and Orlando should start a think tank. Think septic or dunk, those should be right up your ally.

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