Why is the South so different from the rest of America when it comes to politics?


 As we see HERE, attitudes about President Obama, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, respectively, are far different in the Northeast, Midwest and West from those in the South.

 Among Southerners, for example, Obama is viewed favorably by only 27 percent, while 68 percent have an unfavorable opinion of him. But among Americans in the rest of the country, the numbers are almost exactly the opposite — 67 percent favorable and 24 percent unfavorable.

 The regional differences are a little less dramatic with respect to feelings about the Democratic and Republican parties, but they’re still significant.

 Why is this? What is it about Southerners that places them so far outside the American mainstream?  Is it a matter of persistent Confederate sympathies? Is it plain and simple racism?

 And what does the future hold for a Republican Party that has its only regional stronghold in the South?



  1. Snuss would have us believe that Southerners “are just smarter” than the rest of us. What a laugh! The latest available figures from the Census Bureau show that the South has the lowest levels of educational attainment among the nation’s four geographical regions. No big surprise there, right?

  2. Pat, just because you have book smarts doesn’t mean you have common sense,

  3. QuentinK

    Wow, if you take out the southern black population I wonder what these marks would be? I just spent two weeks traveling the gulf coast from Key West all the way to New Orleans by car and there was a HUGE racial divide on Obama, at least once you get north of Tampa. South of there they seemed pretty level headed and tolerant. In New Orleans there is an absolute animosity towards Bush regardless of race. One of the bar tenders at the oyster bar told me that W would get his rear kicked no matter how many secret service agents he brought with. They learned the hard way.

  4. Pat – I think most of your questions are indirectly answered by a recent flyer I received asking for input. Here is the web page:


    Now while many of their issues they raise are valid, the underlying tone they are projecting appears to be negative. Its all about stopping the Democratic agenda. This is okay to an extent, but what’s sorely missing are new ideas and more importantly real alternatives to what the liberals are trying to do,

    For example, we don’t like Cap & Trade. Fine. But what’s the real GOP strategy on some of the environmental concerns that most people in the country have?

    I’ve seen at least 8 different Republican health care bills, but the party really needs to get behind a singular bill and behind a coherent set of ideas that people can understand.

    For that matter, Republicans don’t like Stimulus package. Okay, so what’s the Republican strategy to decrease the unemployment rate?

    I think a lot of well educated people view the GOP as a bunch of obstructionists, or worse, war mongers. Now while I believe that viewpoint to be false, the Republicans really don’t appear to have a sound strategy to alter these perceptions.

    I’m really hoping the GOP turns things around, and fast, because I don’t like most of the liberal agenda. A good place to start will be to change our perceptions from being “liberal halters” to the party with better ideas. Then other parts of the country will join the cause.

  5. Mike Carroll

    “The latest available figures from the Census Bureau show that the South has the lowest levels of educational attainment among the nation’s four geographical regions.”
    Patrick-since when does educational attainment equate intelligence. Some of the wisest and brightest people I have known in my life do not have a BS or a BA behind their names and some of the most brain dead people I have met have a Masters or a PHD.

  6. Allen Roberts

    Because those in the South know that Sambo is a piece of crap!

  7. Mike Carroll – As usual, you make a good point. So how can you accurately measure who is intelligent and who is not? I propose that one way is by income level. Now, there are exceptions to every rule, but I think we can all agree that generally people who are more intelligent have more money.

    Now, if we take that one step further and look at the charts on this web page based upon to the 2004 election. (yeah, I know, things have changed somewhat since then, but just follow me anyway)


    As you can see, people with money tend to be Republican. People who are poor vote Democratic.

    Conclusion: Republicans are smarter than Democrats.

  8. QuentinK

    “we can all agree that generally people who are more intelligent have more money”

    No we absolutely can NOT all agree to that statement at all. It only SUGGESTS they might have different values than those who choose not to pursue the almighty greenback. Smart people quickly realize that money isn’t everything and after accumulating wealth give it away via charities. i.e. Bill Gates. Conclusion: Smart people don’t make conclusions they make theories.

    Oh and if the GOP was so smart wouldn’t they by definition HAVE better ideas? Hmmmm.

  9. Allen Roberts is an example of what happens when cousins marry. The offspring frequently end up in the Klan.

    Incidentally, I’m eager to see if any of our Applesauce regulars express disgust at Allen’s comment.

  10. I honestly didn’t know what Sambo means. I had to look it up. Now I understand that it can be meant as a racial slur. So if Allen Roberts is inferring that those with a mixed racial heritage are “crap”, he would be wise to look into the history of the human species. Its likely we all originated from Ethiopia, or somewhere around there.

    But I’ll give Mr. Roberts the benefit of the doubt and suggest that he may referring to the actual use of that term as “crap.” However, its probably more than likely he was referring to the former rather than the latter of the possibilities, which would make Pat’s statement correct. Allen Roberts is an idiot.

  11. Mike Carroll

    If Neftali’s analysis is correct than I concur with his conclusion obviously. Mr. Roberts is the one who can clear up any confusion regarding his intent.

  12. Once again, Juice has distinguished himself as the most racist of our Applesauce Obamaphobes. His latest contribution fits perfectly with several of his previous comments, including

    — his declaration that he has “no respect for any” black folks;

    — and his claim that “92% of blacks will never support conservative principles like personal responsibility”;

    — and his observation that Obama “makes European-Americans ill”;

    — and his fear that “European-Americans are losing their sense of pride”;

    — and his prediction that “a huge European-American base will be getting the shaft the next four years”;

    — and his never-ending concern for “us productive white folks” having to live under a black president.

    There are debates on this blog from time to time about the extent to which Obamaphobia is animated by racism. But in Juice’s case, there’s not a shadow of a doubt. The man is a disgusting bigot.

  13. QuentinK

    Allen and juice aren’t even worth commenting on, Pat. They are the worst of us, and with that I do not mean the white race, I mean humanity. Their ugly racist, paranoid personalties are fungi moldering in the damp putrid recesses of their craniums. Other than that I’m sure they’re just swell fellows, just like that photo you posted earlier this week.

    A proud European-American Obama supporter.

  14. QuentinK

    They are the worst of us, these men. Suspicion flows through their veins pumped by the hatred in their hearts and the jealousy in their souls. You see the judgement in their eyes, sentences passed for crimes yet committed. Don’t tarry in their gaze too long for any infraction will suffice. The punishment will not fit the crime, that would be a sign of weakness, better that the infraction be inflated to fit the punishment. The punishment. Yes, the punishment. That is what matters to them. Oh and are they not the chose ones? Are they not judge, jury and executioner? Oh yes they are, indeed they are. Just ask them, these men, the worst of us.

  15. QuentinK

    Sorry Richard. I was holding it for your mother.

  16. shawnnews

    Richard posted a gag video as evidence to support his claim. The comedy from the right never stops on this blog.

  17. QuentinK

    I’ve said this before but Juice was Juiced. I am in my mid 40’s. I am a professional. I will make just shy of six figures again this year. I live in Rockford’s finest neighborhood. I have all the toys. I am an army veteran. I did FOR my country. I did not ask it to do FOR me. So Juice, you’re as wrong as your parents were meeting at that family reunion all those years ago.

  18. QuentinK

    Oh I said this on the other topic but copied it here anyway. My dad left the house when I was 6. my mom was broke and raised three unruly boys on her own on less than $20,000 a year. I put myself through college after I was discharged from the army. There was not any GI bill in place at the time, except for $80 a month in food stamps. I was married with two kids. I worked and went to school at the same time. We were broke. NOTHING was given to me. My kids are now college graduates and doing fine. I’m divorced, I travel and life is good. I don’t envy anyone.

    Juice you’re the role model for America and that role model is the reason the rest of the world hates us.

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