Seventy-one percent of Americans think Sarah Palin is not qualified to be president


 There’s BAD NEWS for the former governor of Alaska in a CNN poll released this morning.

 Even among Republicans respondents, nearly half see Palin as unqualified for the presidency.

 And yet, some of our commenters here at Applesauce tell us that Democrats are scared silly of a potential Palin candidacy in 2012.

 Yeah, sure they are.



  1. QuentinK

    The other 29% KNOW she’s not.

  2. Pat,

    I’m beginning to think you have a thing for Mrs. Palin. She has been out of office for months now and the American people clearly don’t view her as a viable political candidate anymore. Let it go man, the strategy has worked.
    Stick to the pin-up in your office and save us the repitition.

  3. shawnnews

    I don’t know why people even bring up Sarah Palin anymore. She’s not a governor. She has a book out — and her ex-son-in-law is going to be in Playgirl and claims to have damaging information on her. I don’t think any of this is necessarily newsworthy. I think her ex-son-in-law is sleazy. I think she’s old news. I don’t care if we’ve seen the last of her — but we sure have seen enough of her. Let’s move on.

  4. SNuss: How many times do I have to explain to you and others of your ilk that polls commissioned by CNN and other major media are conducted by reputable independent firms? That’s true of Fox News polls, as well, which is why the results of Fox polls generally are in accord with those of polls commissioned by other major media. Your foolish, ill-informed comment suggests that you think CNN polls are conducted only among CNN viewers.

    I know I’m wasting my time telling you this stuff. The next time a reputable poll you don’t like comes out, you’ll dismiss it because it’s sponsored by some news organization you consider liberal. You’ll probably dismiss even this poll from Gallup, the biggest and most reputable of polling organizations, which also has bad news for Sarah Palin:


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