Here’s more on Mark Kirk’s flirtation with Sarah Palin


 Yesterday, we had THIS.

 Today, we have THIS.

 A few excerpts:

 When Kirk decided to run for the Senate, it made some sense — Illinois is one of the more reliably “blue” states in the country, but Kirk has generally preferred to keep the far-right, Sarah Palin wing of the Republican Party at arm’s length…

 Why in the world would Kirk sully his reputation like this [by seeking an endorsement from Palin]? Because he’s facing a little-known, underfunded anti-tax activist/political neophyte in a Republican primary, and a right-wing third-party candidate is a possibility in the general election.


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  1. butch north

    Will it make any difference if MR. KIRK becomes a U.S. SENATOR? NO! It will just be more of the party line politics as always. That means more goverment by the lobiest, and forget the people. The same is true if the demorcrats keep the job.
    it would be nice, if the politicians would represent ALL OF THE PEOPLE.

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