Chris Matthews tangles with Catholic bishop over abortion

Chris Matthews, a Catholic himself, gets a little tough with Bishop Thomas J. Tobin:




  1. Chuck Sweeny

    Matthews is the Bill O’Reilly of the left, a loudmouth jerk.

  2. Chuck: I don’t like Matthews either, which I’ve made clear here on several occasions. I rarely watch him, but I came across this clip on the Internet and found it interesting considering that the two combatants are co-religionists. I also was amused at how Matthews prefaced each of his roundhouse punches with a deferential “your excellency.”

  3. 10 mins of my life i will never get back…

    What a bore…talk about beating a dead horse…no wonder his ratings are tanking…

    Quoting DEAD Kennedys while protecting another (semi-live)Kennedy …

    Laughable, Ignorant questioning.

  4. Orlando Clay

    Words of wisdom from “Richard,” “Franky G,” and “mike,” who represent the Rockford, Illinois chapter of the American Taliban and are likely contributors to the Scott Roeder Defense Fund. (Certainly you remember Mr. Roeder. He’s the anti-abortion nut who MURDERED a law-abiding doctor inside a church sanctuary. So much for the phony “every life is sacred” argument, huh, Cons?)

    This is one Lib who thanks God that women’s reproductive rights are safe from the radical right for the foreseeable future (at least for the next generation).

    Keep up ridiculous rabid rhetoric, Cons. It’s exactly what inspires me to work harder during each election cycle to make sure you clowns and your twisted ideology stay on the sidelines.

  5. Well said Orlando. I thought it was hilarious how Matthews asked the Bishop a very simple question which most anti-choice advocates can never answer because they never think that far ahead. If you make abortion illegal, what’s the punishment for a women who gets an abortion?

    Love the conservative position on this. Keep the government out of my life, unless it’s there to control what a woman does with her body.

  6. shawnnews

    The cleric is wrong about an elected offcial’s role. An elected official’s first duty is to uphold the oath he took in his office not his church.
    Now I don’t care whther an elected offical is relgious or not. Elected officials are required to uphold the law not to enforce church laws or doctrines.
    Matthews is right for going after him — it’s called Hardball.

  7. Mr. Funfsinn

    This is the same guy who questioned whether it was illegal to contact Al Qaeda!! Matthews’s priorities are anorexic.

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