Sanctimonious guardians of Christmas lash out at Obamas’ greeting card


   THIS was inevitable, I suppose.

   An excerpt:

   A Republican lawmaker with a mission to save Christmas is aiming his latest salvo at President and first lady Obama, who’ve followed in a recent tradition to eliminate the mention of Christmas in the White House holiday cards.

   The card selected by the Obamas announces: “Season’s Greetings.” Inside, it reads: “May your family have a joyous holiday season and a new year blessed with hope and happiness.”

   But Rep. Henry Brown, R-S.C., said abandoning Christmas at Christmas is just plain wrong. On Tuesday, he introduced a resolution calling for the protection of the sanctity of Christmas. So far, 44 lawmakers, Democrat and Republican, have co-signed the bill.

   “I believe that sending a Christmas card without referencing a holiday and its purpose limits the Christmas celebration in favor of a more ‘politically correct’ holiday,” Brown told Fox News Radio on Thursday.

   “This kind of reproach is exactly what my Christmas resolution, introduced to the House of Representatives earlier this week, is against as the resolution expresses support for the use of Christmas symbols and traditions and disapproval of all attempts to ban or limit references to Christmas,” he added.

   Presidents have been sending holiday cards since 1953. The White House told Fox News Radio that the Obamas are celebrating Christmas this year but they recognize that other Americans are celebrating other holidays this time of year and their holiday card reflects that idea.

   These self-appointed defense troops in the imaginary War on Christmas are ignoring the fact that Presidents Eisenhower,  Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Bush also sent annual holiday greeting cards that omitted mention of Christmas, as we see in THIS PIECE from three years ago.



  1. ACORN

    Did you see the cookies that was served at the Whitehouse party? Yes the Whitehouse was handing out Christmas cookies in the design of an acorn.

    I just went through my cookie cutters and my Mom’s antique ones and I could not find an acorn one. I did find a deer, christmas tree, santa, star, sleigh, candycane and yes the vaulted gingerbread man.

    It must be a new design, I wonder is there a patent on that?

  2. Here you go Dave:


    Personally I think he should have gone with the maple leaf to work Fox News and Friends up into a frenzy about it symbolizing the Canadian health care system.

  3. I don’t have a problem with the Seasons Greetings message. But as a Cubs fan, I have to protest against the Cardinal on the cover. Now that I think about it, since the President is a White Sox fan, this is probably a conspiracy against Cubs fans.

  4. coldhotel

    I think the cardinal is a shoutout to Catholics.

  5. Chuck Sweeny

    The holiday we are celebrating is Christmas, not “seasons” or “Holiday.” You know why? Because Walmart closes on Dec. 25, which is Christmas Day. It closes no other day of the year, so Dec. 25 must be the holiday we are celebrating.
    Or maybe we could just wish each other a Happy Festivus.

  6. Neftali and coldhotel: The thing with the cardinal at the top of this post is NOT the card the Obamas sent. It’s just a generic thing I glommed from Google images. I don’t know what the Obamas’ card looks like.

  7. dogrescuer

    Gee, all this fuss almost makes me wish Christmas wasn’t a pagan holiday, celebrating a make-believe religion!

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