Bushies raised terror alert at behest of con man




   THIS is almost funny.




  1. Pat

    Obama has been president nearly a year now, please get up to speed. In case you haven’t noticed it was only a couple years ago that a terrorist tried to blow up Cherry Vale Mall. This year terrorists in Chciago. Hasan a terrorist at Ft Hood. In case you haven’t noticed the world is a not a safe place. People seek to do harm to America even from within. I realise you did not serve in the military so some of this is over you head however thats why why fight wars, to keep our freedoms.

  2. dave: What the hell does your pseudo-patriotic rant have to do with this post? The point is that the Bushies got suckered by a con man.

    And as for fighting wars “to keep our freedoms,” the war in Iraq doesn’t qualify on that score, as even countless veterans of greater distinction than you have said.

  3. Milton Waddams

    The Cherryvale mall thing was entrapment and designed to induce fear into the Midwestern populace.

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