How’s this for redistribution of wealth?




   This is the STORY of a humble farm girl who grew up to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in welfare from the federal government.


   Oh, yeah. And she also became a Republican politician who incessantly complains about creeping socialism.


   It’s called chutzpah, folks. Look it up.




  1. A great example of the hypocrisy of the right. This consistantly permeates all levels of the right wing population. It doesn’t really matter what you do or how you act, it only matters what you SAY you stand for. Christian war-mongers, gay homophobes, treasonous ‘patriots’, protectionist free enterprisers, ‘anti-media’ media, family value adulterers and ‘small government’ tax guzzlers like this skank. Stop the hypocrisy.

  2. If we stop the hypocrisy,All we would have to do is eliminate the Democratic party!! LOL

  3. But I don’t agree with what this woman did

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