Clinton, Palin virtually tied for Americans’ most admired woman




   Gallup has the NUMBERS on Hillary, Sarah, et al.


   Barack Obama leads among most admired men.




  1. Yeah but Obama still can’t beat George W. Bush’s 39% in 2001 remaining the all-time high for Most Admired Man.

  2. Here’s my own list of most admired men and women, in no particular order. (at least to who is still alive today)

    Colin Powell
    Charles Krauthammer
    David Petraeus
    Don Manzullo
    John McCain

    Condoleezza Rice
    Margaret Thatcher
    Ursula Burns
    Angela Merkel
    Olympia Snowe

    Of course, I admire my mother and father above anyone else.

  3. NurseGloria


    Would you please tell me what Don Mazullo has done for his district compared with what other Congress persons have done for their districts?

    I did this research a year or so ago but did not save my doodles. He didn’t do well. All you have to do is look at the decline of Winnebago County to know that our Congressman, State Rep., and Stated Senator have failed us.

    They did help their friends in the insurance business. They did help their friends in finance. They did help the physicans who want to get maximum payments for the patients they choose to see while not caring if everybody else gets health care or not.

  4. NurseGloria

    The Clinton’s have accomplished many good things for us and for the world. Hillary tried to get health care for everyone in this country years ago. Hillary was a successful U.S. Senator and is our Secretary of State. She was almost President of the United States of America.

    Hillary has actually contributed and will be remembered in the history books, as well as her husband who continues to make a difference in the world.

    What are Palin’s and her husband’s accomplishments? Who could possibly choose Sarah Palin over Hillary Clinton?

    Every time I think I can no longer be surprised at public opinion, something surprises me. I would like to see the demographic results of this survey.

  5. NurseGloria, your comment about physicians is ridiculous. Get over yourself. While some physicians may act that way, they are the vast minority. Most physicians that I know, and I know hundreds, will see a patient first and worry about payment later. In fact, in a hospital based practice, it is federal law.

    Besides, do you work free shifts at the hospital or clinic as a nurse? Did you ever wave holiday or overtime extra pay out of the goodness of your heart? What about lawyers and accountants and plumbers and mechanics? Don’t they expect to get paid when they render a professional service?

    Last time I checked, if we decided that all physicians were indentured servants and would work for free, that would only amount to less than 5%savings on health care costs. See quote below:

    “Listen to Princeton’s Uwe Reinhardt, a favorite economist of health reformers, who says, “doctors’ take-home pay (that is, income minus expenses) amounts to only about 1 percent of overall health care spending, or about $26 billion. That’s a drop in the ocean compared with overhead for insurance companies, billing expenses for doctors’ offices, and advertising for drug companies. The real savings in health care will come from these expenses.”


  6. At first, I was apalled that she was even on the list. However, after more thought, I changed my mind.
    After all, she was elected Governor of Alaska, she was selected to be the candidate for Vice-President of a major political party, and, after quitting her job as Governor, she wrote a book about her experiences and stands to make millions. Most compelling, though, is that she accomplished all of that while lacking in intelligence. She may be brain-dead, but she’ll get rich off of a bunch of idiots who will buy her book.
    In this country, anyone who can make something out of nothing deserves some credit.

  7. NurseGloria

    I was referring to the local doctors who support Don Manzullo’s campaigns. Look up who those doctors are and look up how Manzullo votes on health care.

    I have been forced to set up medications for medication passes before punching in for my shift. I have been forced to punch out before completing my charting. I worked on salary in management in long term care where I had to work so many hours that my average hourly wage was less than of the nurse assistants and less than minimum wage.

    I often had to work through breaks and lunches without pay. This isn’t just me. This is what nurses are forced to do to keep their jobs in order to support their families and keep their patients alive. I have two graduate degrees which means I have as much time invested in my education as any doctor.

    Yet when a nurse injures her back, her career is virtually over unless she has connections. Education and experience do not matter when it comes to the employer’s workers compensation expenses. Nurses often lift more weight in a day than OSHA allows machinists to lift. The injury rate for nurses is as high as for construction workers.

    The US Supreme Court long ago ruled that Medicare money can be used by hospitals to prevent nurses from organizing for their mutual benefit because the government has a vested interest in the amount nurses are paid due to Medicare expenses. I accidently came upon that case while researching as a graduate student in the 1980’s.

    I worked in all three Rockford hospitals and I have been a patient. I know what doctors do. If you don’t have insurance you probably won’t get care unless you are visibly bleeding, obviously have a broken bone, are unconscious, or are in respiratory or cardiac arrest. Then you are tossed out on your ear at the first possible moment whether early release is likely to result in complications or not.

    Who makes the decisions concerning who gets health care and the quality of it? Who are the gate keepers? Insurance claims managers, doctors, or both?

  8. realfoxnews

    NurseGloria do want some cheese with that wine. Nurses make alot of money my wife makes over $70,000 and she knew what she was getting into.
    so if you donT like it find a new job. But look at all the times your just sitting on your butt, This all depends what floor your on. Also when the hospital is low on beds they will find patient to get out the door. So its not always the insurance company.


  9. NurseGloria,

    You obviously have some pent up rage about the healthcare system and maybe for good cause. Do I think our system is perfect? Nope, I never said it was. But don’t confuse that with thinking the proposed plan will solve these problems.

    Our dear Democratic comrades have proposed a plan that should enrage you and the peanut. It will cost more money for all of us (not just the rich,sorry)and while it will it will cover more people this will be at the expense of access to care, our national debt, and eventually quality.

    Even better, all the extra money we are spending will flow right into the pocket of the insurance companies we all love to hate. Gotta love politics in the USA!

  10. Good point Snuss. You know what Will Shakespeare said….

  11. NurseGloria

    How do we get rid of arrogant, sloppy, mean doctors who have disdain for poor people and for people who have no insurance without the malpractice system? It seems that doctors have empathy for each other but not for patients. I am speaking in general and not about specific doctors.

    Malpractice awards have been declining for several years yet I have read that the malpractice insurance rates are not declining. Who is the culprit here?

    A single payer system would solve a lot of problems. Expdoc cited an article that points out that we pay huge amounts for administrative, advertising, and profit for insurance in this system.

    I received a request for a donation today from a hospital foundation for recliner chairs for cancer patients. The chairman of the foundation has donated $9,700. to Don Manzullo’s campaigns. Wouldn’t the cancer patients have been better off if we had a single-payer universal system with the advertising, admin. and insurance profits being spent on the patients?

    You can buy five of these special recliners with the money this doctor gave to Don Manzullo so that he can be reelected and vote against the best interests of sick people.

  12. Nobody is talking about doing away with the ability of patients to be compensated for true malpractice when it comes to malpractice reform. What we need is a system that is not subject to the whim of a jury and a slick malpractice attorney presentation. John Edwards made tens of millions of dollars using children with cerebral palsy and a sympathetic yet uneducated jury.

    Like it or not NurseGloria, our current system results in billions of extra healthcare dollars spent every year and unnecessary risk incurred by patients.

    On a separate note, did you happen to research how much that board chairman did give back to the foundation? I can guarantee it was thousands of dollars. When I chaired a foundation board in Rockford all of the members of the board gave to the foundation on an annual basis. By the way I never gave a dime to Manzullo, with him, I am unimpressed.

    You seem concerned about the donations of doctors to politicians, what about the trial lawyers donations to the Democrats?

  13. NurseGloria


    You need to see a video called”Money as Debt” and another called, “Money Masters.” They are both on youtube.

    Our monetary system is explained very well. It explains why we must always have people on the bottom of the economic food chain. The fact is that some people must be poor because it is built into the system.

    Maybe after you understand how it works, you won’t be so eager to blame the victims. We need a new monetary system and a new health care system. The fractional reserve system that creates wealth from nothing for the wealthy and robs the labor of the rest of us is obsolete and must go.

    We have some serious problems to solve in this world or we may find ourselves in a new dark ages.

    And expdoc, giving to charity may make some people who have made money by taking advantage of others or of a corrupt system may ease their consciences, but it does change the fact that the parents of a child with cancer must beg for charity and have fundraisers when their only concern should be the survival of their child.

  14. NurseGloria,

    If that is how you view charitable giving, then I feel sorry for you. Giving of time, talent and treasure to those less fortunate than you should be a cornerstone of any succesful society. Only in the liberal mind would such a twisted take as yours exist.

  15. NurseGloria

    Charitable giving is good. When people must depend on charity to survive, something is very wrong with their society. It should not be up to those who are willing to give whether somebody else dies of need when there is enough for everybody.

    My “take” is not twisted. Your “take” is. When you take something that is not rightfully yours, then you give a little back, it is still wrong. Is it better to give a little back than to keep it all? It is still wrong.

    Our monetary system is flawed both morally and mathematically. It will come to a halt because it must adhere to mathematical principles no matter how we tweek and cajole it. Until then, the need, suffering, and number of those at the bottom of the pyramid will increase and the number of persons benefiting will decrease while their wealth increases.

    Any body who thinks the system is fair is either ignorant of how it works or is twisted. The part that I was not taught in school or even when working toward the MBA was about the fractional reserve system and how it evolved.

  16. Explain why the money I earn is not rightfully mine?

    Liberals (and communists, which you may well be) “feel” that everything should be equal in life. You seem to feel that it’s not fair if this individual has more than that, if one person is smarter than the other and that we are all entitled to the same things out of life. Utopia is a wonderful dream, but it will never exist on this earth. What we are entitled to in this country is the opportunity to earn are way in life. Our current President has said himself that he is a shining example of that very fact.

    You know as well as I do that life does not work that way. Some people are smarter than others, others have talent’s in areas that are more valuable to society or more rare than others and some occupations require more training, committment and skill than others.

    Your class warfare attitude is pitiful and while it may “feel good” to spout your bile, it will not fix one of the problems you lament.

    If you do not incent people to work harder, they will not. If people are guaranteed equal outcomes despite unequal work or talent they will have no reason to strive to be better, Communism will never work for that very reason. That is basic human nature and it will never change.

    And as for charity, as I noted above, it is the way for those who are more fortunate than others to help those who are not so fortunate out in life. If you view that as somehow wrong, then I truly feel sorry for you.

  17. One other thing Gloria. If the Democrats screw up health care reform as they seem bound and determined to, charity may be the one thing that keeps hospitals and the clinics that serve the needy open at all. The current plan will significantly LIMIT access to care.Even the Presidents vaunted Mayo clinic thinks so. In fact, if it wasn’t for charitable giving, many of the pediatric hospitals in this country would be long closed.


  18. Maybe NurseGloria should then work for free and give ALL her money to help those who need charity!!

    Live by her own comments!!!

  19. NurseGloria

    I’m out of here. Roger and expdoc;

    You’re making a lot of assumptions about what I think. I am trying to make a point about our unfair monetary system, not our system of government. Please do your homework before you start ranting about what I believe and arguing against what you think I believe.

    You are arguing with yourselves and your vivid imaginations. View “money as debt” for a quick beginning concerning learning what is wrong with our monetary system and why it can’t continue for ever. It is on youtube and can be “googled”.

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