Fox News poll: Six times as many Americans blame Bush as blame Obama for economic woes




   Should we trust a poll like THIS from an outfit as notoriously liberal as Fox News?


   I mean, Fox even wants us to believe that 50 percent of Americans approve of the job Barack Obama is doing, while CBS, which is more reliably conservative, puts the figure at only 46 percent.


   But seriously, folks, it must pain the pinheads at Fox to report such results from a survey it commisioned from an independent polling firm. 


   UPDATE: Aside from poll numbers, there are other figures the geniuses at Fox News have TROUBLE COMPUTING.




  1. I can’t believe anyone even takes this poll seriously. Of course Obama isn’t responsible for the economic woes. You could, however, place some blame on the Democrats, but I’ll concede most of the blame falls on the Republicans, they were the ones in charge after all. In the fall of 2001 the Republicans could have raised taxes to pay for the wars. At the time, the wars had bipartisan support, and it could have passed. Instead they cut taxes to stave off a mini-recession.

    But again, the real issue isn’t whether Obama is responsible, but what has he done to fix the economic woes. On that front, it could be argued that he’s making matters worse. In fact, it could be argued that the economy is slowly recovering on its own despite liberal fiscal mismanagement.

  2. FOX News is \"notoriously liberal\" and CBS is \"more reliably conservative\"?? And tomorrow, the sun will rise in the WEST…

  3. DingDong

    Do we really need to start the Barney Frank videos all over again? We know there is enough blame to go around.

  4. “putting the BLAME where it belongs”?? WHO, may I ask, had the MAJORITY in the legislative branch during the Bush administration? THAT’S RIGHT: “Things didn’t REALLY start to deteriorate until DEMOCARTS took control of CONGRESS”. Wouldn’t it be in the best interest of OUR COUNTRY to stop hanging on to OPINIONS, and start looking for FACTS?

  5. Lola…. this country operates on a system of checks and balances.
    If legislation goes through the House and Senate, the President doesn’t have to sign it…he can place a Veto on it.
    The Legislative branch is only one third of the system. The Executive branch has the final vote on the particular issue.
    If the President doesn’t place a Veto on bad legislation, there is only one person to blame. The President.

  6. Lola…
    Furthermore, unless a veto is overridden by a 2/3 majority of Congress, the President is to blame for bad legislation becomming law (bad…depending upon whether you’re a Conservative, Liberal, or Independent).
    As an example, G. W. Bush would’ve, likely, placed a Veto on a Bill which could’ve enabled healthcare for poor children….while it’s more likely that he would not Veto a Bill that was in support of a war in Iraq.
    So….it all depends on a matter of importance to you, as a human being.
    What’s more important to you?
    The health of children,….or war?

  7. Neftali.
    5 of Bush’s vetoes were over-ridden. 4 were duplicates. So he only gets credit for 5. And those were hardly worth bragging about.

  8. Thank you, Nelson, for explaining our country’s government system! I remember the question well when I had to answer it to become a citizen of this country. And now I see with disgust what is becoming o f that system as the president and his administration pass bills only during very dark and foggy nights on weekends. Can’t blame Bush for that, can you, no??
    And, careful, it would be a mistake to assume my former nationality by looking at the name Lola

  9. Lola seems not to remember when the Republican Congress passed legislation in the middle of the night — the prescription drug bill, for instance.

    By the way, Lola, the president has never passed (or signed) bills “during very dark and foggy nights.” All the bills he’s signed have been in the daytime.

    I’m glad you’re a citizen, Lola, but you should brush up a little on recent American history and not swallow all the right-wing crap you hear.

  10. Thanks, Pat, for taking the time to respond and offer advice! How far back into recent American history would you have me look? Like…the first week of January 2010 I found this:

    “CNN’s Cafferty Slams Obama for ‘Lie’ on Healthcare Talks
    Is CNN going rogue on President Obama?
    Commentator Jack Cafferty — who has been outspoken in his praise of Obama in the past — launched a blistering attack on Obama and the Democrats over the closed-door negotiations to reconcile the House and Senate versions of healthcare reform legislation. ..”

    Now, last I checked, CNN is not spreading “right-wing crap”, correct? And, crap or no crap from either side of the aisle, how about the people of Virginia, New Jersey and yestersday MASSACHUSETTS? Seems to me our own government has awoken a sleeping giant: THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! Just like last time someone uttered those lines, the people of the United States were reluctant to look up from their plates and didn’t want o get involved…it’s the same brand of people now, who when the going gets tough, THEY get going! And I’m loving it!! The American spirit is alive!

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