Limbaugh implies that Obama’s stealing Haiti donations




   Are there no limits to how low THIS SLEAZEBALL will stoop?


   UPDATE: Glenn Beck, who’s dumber than Limbaugh but just as evil, SAYS Obama is “dividing the nation” by reacting “so rapidly on Haiti.”




  1. This is pathetic, but not really suprising anymore. I find it increasingly amusing that the leaders of the GOP (Hannity, Limbaugh, Palin, Coulter, Steele, O’Reilly, et al.) are un-elected commentators who are accountable to no one. Say what you want about the Dems, but if you don’t like Reid, Obama, Pelosi, etc, they are at least accountable to those who elected them.

    I think I’d be embarrassed to be a Republican right now which, as a party, is wandering aimlessly in the wilderness.

  2. Since the horror in Haiti every news organization has devoted coverage of the monumental tasks facing those poor people…except FOX. For them the constant president bashing continues. Limbaugh would be in prison for drug charges if he didn’t have enough money to pay off the charges. Everyone, right, left and center should denounce what he does and stands for. Shame. At least when it’s over he’ll be in the same warm place with Adolph.

  3. snuss
    Your break time is over. Time to go out to the parking lot and round up the shopping carts.

  4. Popeye, I’ve watched Shepard Smith on Fox News the past couple nights and he has dedicated quite a bit of coverage to Haiti. His is the only show on Fox News that I like and it’s much better than listening to loud mouth Chris Matthews interrupt people on MSNBC.

  5. I am a conservative and din’t jump to conclusions when I read this headline. So I read the part of the transcript that this story comes from. I have to agree it shows that Rush doubts all the moneywould go to the Haiti relief effort. It doesn’t say exactly where it would go so it isn’t totally fair to say he meant the president is stealing it for himself. Also please don’t crucify all conservatives for the words from the radio and tv personality conservatives. After all, they are first and foremost entertainers and even though they may truly believe what they say, they don’t necessarily represent all conservatives. Admittedly, even liberals have their speakers who they are sometimes emvbarrassed by the words they say.

  6. From the transcript Pat linked to I don’t see any attack on Haiti or the Haitian people or anything to discourage people from donating to the worthy relief effort. The comments made by Pat Robertson and Danny Glover are the comments that need to be rebuked and I personally think those two are both nut jobs.

    In this transcript I see an attack on Barack Obama’s Whitehouse. Are you seriously shocked that Rush Limbaugh would attack Obama?

    Monkey, the people you list as being the leaders of the GOP are political commentators, entertainers and the actual chairman of the GOP. With the exception of Steele, they are accountable only to their ratings. Steele is accountable to the RNC. If you don’t like the entertainers don’t watch or listen to them. If you don’t like the GOP then don’t vote for their candidates.

  7. Expdoc: you obviously missed my point and failed to address my comment. Of course I know who those people are; that’s what I wrote.

    My point that you did not address is that the national “leaders” of the GOP are not currently elected officials; instead they are bloviating entertainers who talk just to rile up the masses but don’t hold any actual legislative authority over anything and don’t really offer up any solutions to anything beyond complaining and being the Party of No.

    I mean, really, are their any true GOP candidates out there holding major elected office that are inspiring the GOP failthful or working to wrest control of the party from the right-wing nuts? It’s certainly not Cantor, McConnell or Boehner. Pawlenty in Minn. seems to be a well thought of gov but no one knows him outside of that state. The GOP needs some serious help.

  8. Monkey,

    At least this time you put leaders in quotes acknowledging that they are really not leaders except in the mind of liberals. They are entertainers, as you note.

    I agree with you about the GOP needing young leadership. I freely admit to giving money to the GOP until several years ago. Now I choose to give money to individual candidates that I agree with, whether I can vote for them or not.

    While liberals love to trumpet that the GOP is dead and they have no leadership, that is only a wish and a dream. I suspect the next election cycle will produce some interesting results and provide some of the “young guns” mentioned in this article.


    Meet the new Young Guns.

    The recent wave of Democratic retirements bodes well for Republicans. Yet they are still largely winning by default. The public doesn’t like the Democratic agenda, but it hasn’t forgotten the GOP’s own corruption and loss of principle. And crafting a new image is a tough haul for a minority that is stuck responding to events, and that is still populated by many of the same, entrenched faces.

    What is happening instead is a real (if underreported) effort to reshape the party from the bottom up—to, in effect, repopulate it with a crop of reformist candidates in the midterm. Behind the effort are three congressmen—Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan, Virginia’s Eric Cantor and California’s Kevin McCarthy.

  9. It indeed will be interesting to see the next generation of Repub leadership, and Dem, for that matter. The more I talk to people, the more I think this country is moderately liberal and moderately conservative but all the noise is being made by the extreme wings of both parties. Many I know hold positions on isssues that they draw from both parties. Dems who are proud gun owners and strong on defense or Repubs who are pro-choice and socially more liberal, for example. If leaders of both parties don\\\’t make more room for moderates, there could be a real effort to either form a viable third party or begin to purge out the extremists.

  10. Does anyone pay any attention to this idiot anymore?
    His schtick is old by now.
    We get it, Rush. You’re a brain-dead drug addict that finds nothing wrong with Conservatives and nothing right with Liberals. You have no compassion for the people of Haiti and you want more tax cuts for the wealthiest of Americans. We get it.
    Now, take your millions, go buy more drugs, shut up and go away.

  11. coldhotel

    Limbaugh’s rants are entertainment to some. I’m wondering who is more depraved; those who take Limbaugh at face value, or those who listen to him because it’s somehow “funny.”

  12. The best part is that most of what Limbaugh say’s that is actually funny is merely repeating back in context what your average liberal thinks and says on a daily basis.

  13. expdoc: Do you actually believe that “your average liberal thinks and says” the same disgustingly racist stuff Limbaugh spews?

    And are you such a frequent Limbaugh listener that you know “most” of what he says?

  14. Nope, I’ve told you before Pat, I haven’t listened to him in years, mainly because I got tired of his schtick. It is all very predictable and clearly calculated to outrage you personally.

    Thanks to you and the other liberal media though, I feel like I listen to him all the time.You frequently give him free publicity in order to discredit him. Which is also funny by the way. You will not get any of his regulars to stop listening by your feigned outrage and you only draw others to his show when you give him free pub. Similar to Howard Stern when he was on hte public airwaves.

    You would be better off to ignore the master bloviator in my opinion.

  15. Craig Knauss

    expdoc, You are always telling us what “liberals” think. How the hell would you know? Do you know any or do you just get your valuable information from enlightened sources like Fox News and Bill O’Reilly? Personally I fail to see how you can be as educated as you claim you are and still know so little about liberals, or much of anything else outside of medicine.

  16. Craig,

    Why, I know many liberals, including all my friends at applesauce! What exactly have I claimed that liberals think that is incorrect?

    Why do you think I watch Foxnews or Bill o’Reilly. Silly stereotyping liberal! 🙂

  17. Craig Knauss

    “…what Limbaugh say’s that is actually funny is merely repeating back in context what your average liberal thinks and says on a daily basis.” Sound familiar, expdoc?

  18. Craig Knauss

    “We have been pouring billions of dollars into Haiti for decades, and little has changed …. Perhaps …we can have some accountability in where these funds go, and what they are used for. That way, the people of Haiti will benefit, rather than the politicians and other hucksters.”

    Holy crap! An intelligent thought from snuss. I agree, snuss. And if you did a little research, you would find that a huge amount of our “aid” to poor countries in the past has been in the form of MILITARY aid. We were always afraid that if we didn’t adequately arm these poor countries that their poor people would become communists. So we gave the leaders arms to use on their own people. Is this a great country, or what?

  19. But specifically Craig, what incorrect attribution have I given to liberal think? I am here to learn my friend. Although in the above quote I was referring to Limbaugh, educate me. What have I incorrectly attributed to the liberal mind?

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