Craig Ferguson on Rush Limbaugh




   UPDATE: Even some conservative pundits are KNOCKING LIMBAUGH for his outrageous comments regarding Haiti.




  1. Ferguson rocks. He’s better than than Leno and Conan. Of course, everyone is better than Letterman.

    Consider two years ago Limbaugh signed a $400 million contract, he can easily afford Ferguson’s recommendation.

    But before anyone accuses Limbaugh of being a tight wad, he did give $4.2 million to the “Financial assistance to the children of Marines and law-enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.”


  2. Ferguson is just another liberal trying to spend other people’s money. He needs to pony up his own money. His liberal crap is not funny, it is sick.

  3. Curt thinks Craig Ferguson is “sick” but has nothing to say about Rush Limbaugh’s disgustingly racist rantings. What a wingnut!

  4. Pat, I did not hear RL’s comment in person. The main stream media takes RL out of context repeatedly, therefore no comment.

    Ferguson was asking RL to pay for his reported slip of the tongue and Ferguson did not ask Harry Reid for a million? Harry’s was a much greater slip then RL. RL doesn’t make law.

    I do know that RL raises more and gives more to charity then the combined income of you and Ferguson.

    PS. At least Wingnuts serve a purpose.

  5. Limbaugh’s “slip of the tongue”? That’s funny.

  6. QuentinK

    Curt it seems you need your clutch fixed. Because your tongue seems to be consistently slipping.

    Ferguson is great and exactly right on this. This catastrophe isn’t a political event, it is a tragedy. By trying to twist this into one Rush screwed up big time. Of course we should help and will.

    The only time this becomes a political event is like after Katrina when a president doesn’t act. This is not a knock against the right but specifically against W so don’t turn it into one. Reagan was probably the quickest to act to help in times like these of the.presidents.

  7. doc: Thanks for the link. I’m going to put it in a post in a few minutes.

  8. Steelhawk

    I’m Curious Pat. How much have you sent over to the gangs and warlords of Haiti. I have contributed to the $100 million Obama has pledged through my taxes paid. You being an unabashadly liberal guy, I figure you haven’t sent any. Keeping in line with most libs like Tim Geitner, Tom Daschle and Charlie Rangel, I figure you won’t pay your taxes until you get appointed for office.

  9. you’re still a bastard Curt!

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