More Americans blame Repubs than Dems or Obama for nation’s problems


Steve Benen has the NUMBERS from the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

An excerpt:

[I]f the public is fed up with Washington, its anger isn’t necessarily directed at President Obama.

Only 27 percent say they blame him for not being able to find solutions to the country’s problems. By contrast, 48 percent blame Republicans in Congress and 41 percent blame congressional Democrats.



  1. If only that were true, that the Republicans were the party of no government action or spending, we probably wouldn\\\’t be in the mess we are in. It\\\’s the actions of a government run rampant that is the cause of the problems we\\\’re in. They create the bubbles, they created monopolies of power and profit, they create the entitlements, and they are the problem with this country. Be it Republican or be it Democrats they are the ones to blame. Neither party can wash their hands of the problems today, both share the blame, equally.

  2. Mary Allen

    Any incumbent at this point is the problem. They are all beholding to the lobbyists and the corporations – and heaven forbid one of them try to buck the system. They know who pays the bills. I am not voting for one incumbent – the only way to stop this corruption is to start over. And let these politicians know who can put them on the unemployment line.

  3. Snuss says: “So, who had total control of the House, Senate, and Presidency, this past year? Not the Republicans. Any significant legislation that was passed, was passed by Democrats.”

    What Snuss leaves out is that legislation not passed was blocked by Republicans. Perhaps that’s why Americans are more inclined to blame Republicans than Democrats for the nation’s problems.

  4. Milton Waddams

    Frankly, who cares who’s to blame? And what good does it do, beyond keeping people focused on the problem, rather than the solution? We the People are getting royally screwed by our elected representatives whether they have R’s or D’s after their name.

  5. DingDong

    That is amazing that a Republican won one of the bluest states. The man reason Brown got elected is to stop health care. Seems like Mass. must be the state of NO.

  6. Dingdong how can you call Mass. one of the bluest states? Do the names Gov. Mitt Romney, Gov. Jane Swift, Gov. Paul Cellucci, and Gov. William Weld ring a bell? Would one of the bluest states in this country elect 4 straight republicans to be governor? But hey if you want to call it an amazing win so be it.

  7. Joe or Peanut –

    List of States with All Democratic Representatives and number of Representatives

    Massachusetts – 10
    Connecticut – 5
    New Mexico – 3
    Hawaii – 2
    Maine – 2
    New Hampshire – 2
    Rhode Island – 2
    North Dakota – 1
    South Dakota – 1
    Vermont – 1

    Now if you where to choose which state in the Union is the “bluest state” which one would you choose?

    I rest my case.

  8. DingDong

    Thanks for the help Neftali, I was getting ready to compile a list.

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