Every president should meet regularly, and publicly, with leaders of the other party


President Obama’s face-to-face meeting today with Republican legislative leaders made for terrific television and would have been great for all Americans to see.

HERE’S AN EARLY REPORT on the session.

Obama is missing a good bet if he doesn’t hold more of these meetings with GOP leaders, perhaps as often as once a month or every six weeks.

UPDATE: Another report on the meeting HERE.

UPDATE: Here’s part of what Obama said to the Republicans:




  1. Well, kudos to the President for actually meeting face to face with the GOP, perhaps Congressional leaders would be more willing to do the same.

    However, the President is way off the mark calling the health care bills “centrist.” Instituting a new bill for government to take over 1/6 of the private sector is about as far left as a proposal as you can get. If they want to trim back over 1/2 the new government agencies, reform frivolous lawsuits, and allow for more competition across state lines, and completely bury any talk of a public option, then we can start talking.

  2. Peanut, do a little research, W met, for the first time, with Democratic leaders 4 days after taking over. DOH!

  3. Pat – would you like to see an American version of Prime Minister’s questions (I think that is what they call it)?

  4. Once again Peanut makes no sense as he thumbs through his Urban dictionary selecting words to put together to try to offend others

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