Repubs regret TV coverage of their face-to-face with Obama?


President Obama was so deft in fielding questions from Republican lawmakers yesterday at their annual retreat in Baltimore that some GOPers are sorry they allowed the session to be televised (HERE).

Indeed, Obama’s performance was so strong that Fox News Channel decided to cut away from the session when there was still more than 20 minutes to go (HERE).


UPDATE: There’s more on this matter HERE and HERE and HERE.

UPDATE II: Here’s a full video of the Q. and A. session between Obama and the Republicans:




  1. It does not matter what Obama does. It is the democrat leadership of the House and Senate, and the radical left democrat caucus in the Congress that is the big problem with being arrogant and unwilling to work in a true bi-partisan manner. That is all going to change dramatically in several months, as political pollsters are now saying it is pretty much a certainty that Republicans will take back control of the U.S. House of Representatives, and probably get to a 50-50 tie in the Senate. It is speculated that Harry Reid will be gone, and Durbin will be thrown out of any leadership position because of his role in the bumbling of the policy agenda. The American people want a strong check on Obama’s far left agenda. GOP control of Congress will force him to have more centrist policies, and that will most likely allow him to get re-elected, just like Clinton did.

  2. railrider says: “Political pollsters are now saying it is pretty much a certainty that Republicans will take back control of the U.S. House of Representatives, and probably get to a 50-50 tie in the Senate.”

    That’s funny. One wonders if railrider is willing to bet on those outcomes. Oh, I forgot. Gambling is illegal.

    One also wonders exactly who these pollsters are who are saying these things. I haven’t seen any such predictions, at least not from any reputable political scientists.

  3. Orlando Clay

    How about that? Twice in one week, President Obama neuters the Cons — and once their own turf, no less!

    Looks like snuss and all the other Con crackpots who frequent this board are going to have to permanently retire the “teleprompter” talking point.

    How sweet it is!

  4. Chuck Sweeny

    Prediction: Republicans take over House with a 3 vote margin, Democrats retain Senate with 52 votes.

  5. Craig Knauss

    Chuck, The Republicans will retain Wyoming and Utah, and that’s about it. You seem to have forgotten how hard it is to beat an incumbent. The incumbent (Republican) representative where I live now is almost brain-dead, and yet he wins time after time. The same happens in most of the inner-city districts. Don’t count on any miracles.

  6. chris73456

    And we all know that if Pat hasnt seen it it cant be true!

  7. chris73456

    The man can talk–just wish more of what he has talked about would happen. He gives a great speech, tho..

  8. realfoxnews

    Whats this he had his teleprompter with him, when he went to his daughters 6 grade class? any truth to that?

  9. Chuck has a good read on the elections with his prediction of the takeover in the U.S. House. Political analyst say that over 70 democrat representatives in the House are in republican leaning districts. These should have never been lost to democrats in the first place, and at least 40 to 50 will be returned to republicans. This happened in 1994 when the GOP picked up 52 seats that year. Experts have also said this will most likely be the balance of power for a couple of decades, as this will reflect where the nation is at, which is center-right, not center-left.

  10. Craig Knauss

    railrider, What you said could possibly be true except for one thing, the Repubs are fighting amongst themselves for who can be the most “conservative”. They are conveniently forgetting that is how they lost those seats in the first place. The average American is not some Bible-thumping, chickenhawk, halfwit. They got tired of pointless wars, deficit spending, and in-your-face religious hacks trying to force their “morality” on everyone else. Scott Brown won because he was a moderate and his opponent ran a ridiculous campaign. If Scott Brown had been some far-rightwing blowhard, he would have lost, badly.

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