Here’s what passes for funny among wingnuts

When intelligent argument based on policy matters is beyond your ken, you can always criticize your adversary’s looks:




  1. Tim
    Why don’t you tell us the story of Palin calling her own baby Trig the same word that Emmanuel used? But she wants Rahm fired? Typical right wing hypocrite.

    Or you and Juice could tell us the story of Nancy Pelosi’s jumbo jet.

    I’ll be waiting.

  2. Illinoistom

    I always wondered why Rahm referred to Pelosi’s 757 as the “Tard Rocket.”

  3. Tim and Illinois
    Fox news dropped that story a year ago because it wasn’t true, so why don’t you 2 do the same, and stop e-mailing it to all your con buddies as fact.
    Sorry, but I’ll take Levi’s word over yours any day.

  4. What does any of this have to do with Glenn Beck and his lack of intelligence?
    I can tolerate anyone with an opposing viewpoint, as long as they state their view in an articulate, thoughtful manner. Glenn Beck, however, is the equivalant of the playground bully who can’t think of something intelligent…so he says “your mama wears combat boots”.
    The guy’s a moron.

  5. You liberals bash any conservative who has a successful tv or radio program. Why? Because your side has nothing. Keith Olberman has maybe 6 viewers on a good night. And Air America??? Oh that’s right….out of business and bankrupt.

    Liberals have no plausible arguments. You simply bash people when their opinion is different than yours. I love it. That way of thinking will turn the American people against them every time.

  6. Tim,
    You should read what I wrote in post #10. Obviously, you haven’t read it yet.
    If, and when, Glenn Beck wants to say something intelligent, I promise I’ll listen. I’ll even keep an open mind as I listen. The big problem, though, is that he hasn’t said anything even remotely close to intelligent.
    The video at the top of this post proves my point.

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