Anti-vaxxers are a peculiar bunch


After reading THIS, I can’t help but wonder about the extent to which there are overlaps among creationists, global-warming deniers and the anti-vaccination movement.

The common thread, of course, is a distrust of science.



  1. miltonwaddams

    The problem with the anti-vaxxers is that their actions are affecting the health of others as well.

  2. Quentink

    Well it’s pretty obvious. Things that I WANT to be true, should be true, therefore they are true. Things that I don’t want to be true, shouldn’t be true therefore they are not. It’s my right to find a news channel that will support my beliefs and negotiate facts to support these beliefs.

  3. DingDong

    The most outspoken and well know are the liberal hollywood actors that are ones that promote the anti-vaccination movement. I know you hate facts, you like to make them up, that is why you post any links to any data..got it Peanut Peron.

  4. Quentink

    Hey dingsong I think the liberal hollywood actors you are talking about are almost all scientoligists. I don’t it’s the liberalism that is clouding their thinking, I think it’s religion.

    Speaking of that, nice job on the right for nominating a true nut job for governor.

  5. DingDong

    Well Quentink, there a lot of the actors that are against it that are not Scientologist, I looked it up. Also, I find that most of the regular people that are against it are the “everything organic, vegetarian”, which typically lean left. Also I will give you that he extreme Christian crowd seem to be mixed in there.

    As far the governor’s primary, he was not my vote. But then it is going to be interesting with the Lt. Gov. candidate for the Dems. Illinois politics at its best.

  6. DingDong

    This comes from the person who just makes stuff up puts, types it and calls it facts. You typically do not reference anything. You even like make your own history or at least how you see it your head when the voices are talking to you.

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