The more Americans learn about ObamaCare, the more they like it


Princeton Survey Research Associates International took a clever approach to health-care reform in a recent poll.

Respondents were first asked whether they approved of President Obama’s health-care plan from what they had seen or heard about it. A plurality said they opposed it.

Then, respondents were read a list of eight proposed changes to the health-care system and were asked, in each case, whether they approved or disapproved. Majorities approved of six of the eight proposals.

Finally, when respondents were told that all eight of the proposals were included in Obama’s plan, a plurality expressed overall favor for the plan.

In other words, when you take away the lies and misrepresentations of Obama’s plan peddled by Republicans, supporters of the plan outnumber opponents.

Moreover, even before details of Obama’s plan were spelled out to poll respondents, 39 percent of them said they approved of the president’s handling of health-care reform while only 21 percent approved of how congressional Republicans have been dealing with the issue.

The numbers are HERE.



  1. 25% of people like it. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2010/02/24/cnn-poll-health-care-provisions-popular-but-overall-bills-unpopular/?fbid=uJk47Xi_Efa

    They do not like the cost. Sure some of the things are good, but at 1 Trillion dollars that is a lot of money to cover these things. His plan will not reduce costs expect maybe by cutting senior’s medicare.

  2. 8 possitives out of thousands of pages of Government take over (crap)
    Wow, I’m impressed by how things can be spun.

    Why do I not by RRSTAR liberal garb?

  3. Kip asks: “Why do I not by RRSTAR liberal garb?”

    Can anyone explain what that means?

    And is he talking about the newspaper whose lineup of syndicated columnists include such “liberals” as Charles Krauthammer, Cal Thomas, George Will, Kathleen Parker, et al?

  4. It’s for this reason that I am glad newspapers are laying off “journalists” by the hundred. Unbelievable bias. At least this toolbox has the sense to know what he is.

  5. Is Vince calling me a “toolbox”? That’s a new one.

  6. Pat, are you a communist thinking liberal? Do you want the government runnind and owning everything? Look in a history book and see how well that has worked IN THE PAST!

  7. Pat, I have to actually say something nice about you. At least you are man enough to allow everyone to speak their mind and do not remove comments that might offend you (such as being called a toolbox- which I have never heard of before either). I do not agree with you on much at all, but at least you still like free speech.

  8. Todd: Thanks for the kind remarks, but I’m not as tolerant as you think. I do, in fact, delete comments that include especially offensive language. And I’ve completely banned three commenters over the past 25 months for bad behavior.

    On the other hand, a total of 22,233 comments have been published here, and the vast majority of them have been in disagreement with me.

  9. They call that a poll. Questions like: If Obama paid all your bill, would you like that? Come on, I am sure that anyone can come up with eight points out of 2400 page document you can agree with. Newsweek tends to be liberal.

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