Durbin challenges Repubs to eschew their own socialistic health-care coverage




  1. What Durbin fails to draw attention to is that you can’t give the exact same Federal Health Program to everyone in the country without drastically raising taxes on the middle class and rationing care.

    D’OH !

  2. Anyone who thinks that everyday Joe Schmo is going to get the exact same treatment of a US Senator EVER needs a reality check. But then again, liberals love to live in a fantasy world where resources are unlimited, we all can share alike, and everyone can have the best of everything.

    Meanwhile Republicans are living in the real world and trying to put a halt to a national disaster. If you think having a few thousand people go without medical care is bad, just wait until the ultimate liberal entitlement kicks in. This massive debt to GDP will go over 200%. The United States will become another Iceland or Greece. Inflation will skyrocket and the current recession will look like pee wee football compared to what the liberals are trying to do.

  3. tim if the dems don’t lose big in nov. will you be leaving us? Or will you just start in about the next election?

  4. Fox’s Shepard Smith rocks! In this video he chews out Republican Senator Thune for giving the same old talking points.

    He also said that if “we don’t do anything, the Dems will use reconciliation and then we will have a REAL mess on our hands.”


  5. Incidentally, though, Shep is wrong about premiums not going up. Massachusetts state run mandated health care is the worst in the country for rising premiums.

    “the average family premium for plans offered by employers in Massachusetts was $13,788 in 2008, 40 percent higher than in 2003. Over the same period, premiums nationwide rose an average of 33 percent.”


  6. The same thing when they tried price fixing of auto insurance in Mass. Those people never learn.

    But, since it does not work there, it should work on a national level.

    It is like all your good communist. Even though it always fails, if they do it, it will work.

  7. Durbin says If he was sick he would want to be in this country with these hospitals and with these doctors. What embarrassing political grandstanding. Not surprised that he is elected by the wise voters of Illinois year after year.

    To answer his question, why does he favor a plan that will destroy the best health care system in the world? Why does he not favor the Republican plan to give everyone access to the best quality care? Why would he rather presume that the government should control the system, when they can’t even fund Medicare succesfully despite paying less for the services than any private insurer does?

  8. Orlando Clay

    Timmy writes: “But go ahead and ram it through with the nuclear option. The Dems do that and they may as well pack early. They’re gonna lose big time in November, but this will just make it more embarrassing for them.”

    Not by a long shot, Einstein. If the bill passes through reconciliation, there’s going to be millions of Americans who will have several months to realize, “Gee, I like the idea that my family and I have access to health care, thanks to President Obama and the Democrats.” You Cons are the ones who are gonna be big losers, chum. Losers in 2006, losers in 2008, and losers again in 2010, 2012 and beyond. Heck, at the rate you Con clowns are self-destructing, the Cubs will be wearing World Series rings before the GOP reclaims Congressional majorities or the White House.

    Timmy further blathers: “And Peanut, just the fact that you think Nancy Pelosi has the exact same healthcare as a janitor who works in the Capital just goes to show how out of touch with reality you are. ”

    And while we know it’s so very true that you Cons love to exist in a perpetual state of sheer ignorance and mediocrity, would you people please take a break from ClusterFox and learn the difference between “Capital” and Capitol”? I’m willing to bet that even Sarah Palin knows the difference.

    “We don’t want to evolve…” — Glenn Beck

    No argument here, Cons.

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