Rift between teabaggers and Religious Right?


Uh-oh! Looks like there’s some BAD BLOOD between certain elements of the political right.



  1. Quentink

    It must be frustrating to be a real fiscal conservative whose only goal is to achieve responsibility in spending and being faced with these religious wack jobs trying to hijack your movement.

    Tea bag guy #1: “I think we need to review how much we are giving all these private contractors and what they are spending the money on”

    Tea bag guy #2. “And dinosaurs! Tell about how people used to ride dinosaurs.”

    Tea bag guy #3. “And all the commies are lying bout the government and the UFO’s they got hidden underneath Virginia. Don’t ferget bout that.”

    Te bag guy #1 “Oh Boy. No wonder we never get anywhere.”

  2. Neftali

    Agreed with Quentin’s post above. I’m probably “Tea bag guy #1” (yeah, I know…go ahead and use the the sexual innuendo on me)

    They way I look at it, as long as the dinosaur riders and UFO watchers are voting Republican, the that’s fine with me.

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