Why do Senate Republicans hate our troops?




  1. Mr. Silverback

    So, isn’t she saying the GAO hates our troops? Heh!

    Seriously, I’m n ot even sure how the GOP could keep a committee meeting from happening, and if McCaskill’s past is any guide, we’re getting half the story at most.

    More information, please.

  2. Neftali

    I see the liberals are now shooting at Eric Cantor

    So they not only hate children, but liberals also hate Jewish people


  3. Mr. Silverback

    Peanut showed his manhood when he served in the 137th Ranger Commando Regiment and lost his legs, but he’s not bitter. He was at Dong Sang and Trang Bang, he was all over that place, man.

  4. Mr. Silverback


    You make an excellent point. Maybe those GOP Senators were for the meeting before they were against it. Or maybe they’re just like Jack Murtha and they decided without seeing any evidence that the troops are murdering civilians in cold blood, and of course they wouldn”t want to be party to that.

  5. Mr. Silverback

    Maybe they just listened to John Kerry and thought the troops would be too stupid to operate the body armor:


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