Fox News poll: Americans view IRS more favorably than Tea Party movement


How are the wingnuts going to spin THIS?

Oh, yeah, right. They’ll say Fox News is a liberal outfit and the polls it commissions are not to be trusted.



  1. Mr. Silverback

    I know what I’m going to say.

    1. What the heck? Seriously, I would expect the IRS to poll below dog crap, much less the Tea Parties.

    2. Hmmm…the Party of No is polling just two points below the Party of Rainbows, Unicorns, Puppies and Free Candy. You guys should be worried about that stat.

    3. Notice that the Tea Parties are also polling 20 points higher than Herry Reid and 7 points higher than Bela Pelosi.

    Think about that for a minute: The media has spent about 12 months telling the people that the Tea Parties are whites-only groups of rude, racist, homophobic, violent nutbags who fly planes into buildings, while also telling them that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are the beleagured, brave architects of a new era of American freedom…and Pelosi and Reid have approval ratings that are probably about the same as Brian Urlacher’s approval rating in Green Bay.

    As for Boehner…he’s probably suffering from dislike on the right. Conservatives don’t like him much, see him as ineffective.

  2. expdoc

    Isn’t it obvious? We just saw in the recent AP report that slightly under 50% of people pay NO federal income tax and many of those actually receive money back in the form of tax credits if they just file a return.

    I’d love them too if I they sent me money instead of me sending it to them.


  3. I imagine there is a much higher number of people who answered “never heard of” for the Tea Party than for most of the other individuals/groups. That said, I’m a moderate and not a Tea Party enthusiast. I’m just saying that this poll seems to be misleading.

  4. Proves how dumb some Americans are. Wake up America before its too late. Obama is taking this country down fast and noone seems to care. I sincerely apologize to all the great souls in our military that died for our country and our freedoms. I am sorry we are letting it all go and destroying this country within. You did not die in vain. Vote in November for the right party. Every democrat should be gone out of their spot. This is one of the most disgraceful, lying, corrupt Congress we have ever had. Why is noone else mad about Obama\’s complete lying to all Americans everyday. All of you Obama lovers should be angry too! What happened to the transparentency in the government? what happened to the going to be different and clean up the government – when this group is the worst one yet! God save this country!

  5. popeye

    Patti, when things pass it’s because it has more votes (a majority in America) and when thing do not pass it’s because it had fewer votes. You lost so make the best of it. We watched GWB run wild for 8 years, starting two unfunded wars, giving tax breaks for the richest and allowing Wall Street and the banks to ruin the economy out of simple greed and incompetence. I think you are a racist and are just afraid to say it. Otherwise you sound like Limbaugh, the drug addict who’s going to Costa Rica for health care, or what’s-her-name that watches Russia from her back porch.

  6. QuentinK

    Hey Patti-Yeah a lot of people were killed in the wars overseas. Why do you not blame the wars? You seem to favor sending more to their deaths to show your support for the military which is always a stance I never understand. The best way to honor the military is to end the wars. Only then will they have not died in vain.

  7. miltonwaddams

    Patti said: “Vote in November for the right party.”

    THEREIN lies the problem Patti. STOP voting for a party and start voting for a person. The PARTIES are the problem.

  8. You go Milton. I agree 100% with what you said.

  9. Mr. Silverback

    Gallup now has the Dems at the lowest point in 18 years:


    And a few days back, they found that the enthusiasm among GOP voters is about 15% higher than Dem enthusiasm and has been in that range for a month:


    Never mind how good this is for the GOP, how in the world are so few Dems enthusiastic after their leadership passed the most wonderful bill in human history and did it in a way that would have made the Founders jump up and down with glee, stopping only to hiss and boo occasionally at the Party of No?

  10. Neftali

    Peanut – You really should cite your sources. All these wars lasted at least two years, so is that percentage of GDP a yearly average over the war duration? Or does the author take the GDP figures during the entire duration of each war and then divide by War expenditures?

    Regardless, by your own figures, this war is no where near as expensive as WWII if you look at the % of GDP Figures.

    .3+1+.3+.1+1.2 = 3.8%

    Meaning its more expensive than Vietnam, but less expensive than Korea, and no where near as expensive as WWII.

  11. Mr. Silverback

    Oh…a question relating to the polling data I posted above (it’s awaiting moderation, but willl appear soon, I’m sure)…

    How are the leftwingnuts going to spin THIS?

  12. Mr. Silverback


    I haven’t analyzed Peanut’s figures, but let me just comment on what you’ve said about expense compared to the Vietnam War.

    One of the reasons this war is so much more expensive than Vietnam is because of a difference in weapon quality and the way we fight. And folks, that is one of the reasons that we have lost so few troops. No, I’m not diminishing the tragic loss of these thousands of young men and women, but when you fight a bitterly entrenched enemy in a tough operating environment for 7 years and lose fewer men than we lost on one day in 1944, (and less than a tenth of the men we lost in Vietnam) that is an unequalled achievement in the history of warfare.

    And so…if losing fewer people costs more money, spend the money.

  13. “No, I’m not diminishing the tragic loss of these thousands of young men and women, but when you fight a bitterly entrenched enemy in a tough operating environment for 7 years and lose fewer men than we lost on one day in 1944, (and less than a tenth of the men we lost in Vietnam) that is an unequalled achievement in the history of warfare.”

    Lets not forget how many innocent iraq’s our new safer bombs killed. We may have lost less american troops, but at what cost to the Iraq people we were trying to liberate? Not to mention what did we gain for all the trouble? For all the death?

  14. Nelson

    Why do conservatives constantly refer to Obama as “the Messiah”?

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