Who’s dumber, Palin or Bachmann?


Sarah Palin still has a sizable lead over Michele Bachmann in the Dumb Derby, but Bachmann scored big points over the weekend with her PREPOSTEROUS CLAIM that President Obama has nationalized 51 percent of the U.S. economy.

POSTSCRIPT: Wouldn’t you love to see Palin and Bachmann compete with Obama on “Jeopardy”? If one of the categories covered the U.S. Constitution, the hilarity would be unprecedented.



  1. Neftali

    Its not as “PREPOSTEROUS” as Pat claims. If Pat would do a little research he would realize that about 1/3 of the US economy is “nationalized.” Meaning tax collections as a share of GDP was a little over 30% last year.


    Now take in account the recent takeover of the health care industry by Democrats, which was about 1/6 of the remaining private sector, which means you are now approaching 40%.

    So Bachmann isn’t THAT far off. Of course her claim that the government has taken over the banking and automobile industry really is stupid. All the banks, even AIG, are on their way to paying the money back. The ownership of GM is just a small percentage of the auto industry. And I’m fairly certain that the Obama administration doesn’t really want to own it. As soon as GM is profitable again, or if they can find a buyer, you can be sure it will sold back to the private sector.

  2. Neftali refers to the “recent takeover of the health care industry by Democrats,” which is utter nonsense. Which means Neftali is just about as dumb as Palin and Bachmann.

    The company from which I buy health insurance is not owned by the Democrats or the government and never will be.

    My doctor is not employed by the Democrats or the government and likely never will be.

    The fact that Neftali doesn’t understand this stuff helps explain the tenor of most of his comments.

  3. Tim says Obama is dumber than Palin or Bachmann.

    What does that tell us about Tim?

  4. Also named Tim

    Tell us, Pat. What DOES it tell us about Tim?

    You sure must feel special hiding behind your blog accusing people you’ve never met of flat-out being stupid.

    As far as your hypothetical Jeopardy scenario. I’d love to see the professor explain how his healthcare bill is Constitutional. For that matter, I’d love to see Phil “I don’t worry about the Constitution” Hare and Alcey “We make up rules as we go along” Hastings compete alongside him. Unfortunately, there would be no winners. We’re all losers with these clowns.

  5. I think you must have an entry in the whose dumbest derby yourself Pat.

    The inevitable outcome of the new health care laws are that your private insurance company will either go out of business or get out of health insurance entirely. If they stay in, it will merely be as a conduit of organization from the largest single payer, the government. They may not be “owned” by the government, but they will be so tightly regulated they may as well be and since this plan had NO Republican support it’s not too far of a leap to say that they are in fact owned by the Democrats.

  6. Yes, Pat.
    I would LOVE to see Jeopardy with Obama, Palin, and Bachmann as contestants.
    Sadly, though, it would be an abbreviated show. Anyone who has ever watched Jeopardy knows that you must be in positive territory to participate in final Jeopardy. Obama would be standing at his podium with no other contestants. There would be no need to continue.
    If one of the categories covered the U.S Constitution, it would be HILARIOUS…but, there still wouldn’t be a final Jeopardy.

  7. Mr. Silverback

    One word: Corpse-man.

    Oh, what the heck, here’s a few more:

    Fifty-seven states

    One of the biggest Muslim countries (No, I don’t think he’s a Muslim, just clueless)

    $40,000 for a foot amputation

    Family physicians get paid when a surgeon does a procedure

    I haven’t seen the evidence, but I’ll render a decision on an incident involving police and declare them stupid.

    Lemme give a shout out instead of talking about 14 dead soldiers, y’all!

    Etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum.

    Oh, and as a bonus, let’s not forget the first lady, also super smart, saying she sat on her Daddy’s knee (at the age of 20!) to watch the ’84 Olympics, and said she was proud of her country for the first time in her adult life, as if there was nothing for an American (or even just a liberal American) to be proud of in the 26 years between 1982 and 2008. Nothing Bill Clinton did made her proud, for instance?

    Palin has proved she can run a business, a town and a state. Obama hasn’t even proved he can run a taco stand.

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