Who’s to blame for oil spill? Limbaugh, with no evidence, points finger at environmentalists


Why does THIS not surprise me?

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  1. Quentink

    The oil companies should be fined billions of dollars for this and forced to pay for all clean up costs. They claimed that these rigs were safe and they obviously are not.

    As everyone on the right agrees with me that we taxpayers are tired of bailing out private companies I expect all of them to come forward and agree with me on these fines one hundred percent.

    Unless of course they are hypocrites. But of course none of them are that. Are they?

  2. jimmy crackcorn

    if those on the right are hypocrites, what does that make your president who stated that he would not raise taxes on the middleclass? we won’t use the word liar in describing him, b/c it might be said we don’t like him, b.c he is not white.

    we are no longer permitted to disagree. those on the left have to name call and use accusatory remarks.

    mid-terms are coming and there w/b new faces in d.c. come nov. some of the old faces know this.

  3. Quentin,

    Just wondering, because I don’t know, How many oil rigs exist in the world, how long have they been providing oil and how many spills have happened. In other words, what is the true safety record?

    I know you have personally sworn off all carbon based fuels and petroleum based products, but for the rest of us that are weak and still need to drive a car, buy food at a grocery store, heat our homes etc. we are shackled to oil,coal and natural gas for the forseeable future. We have to obtain it from somewhere in some fashion. What would you suggest?

  4. Apparently Peanut has sworn off all petroleum based products as well. Am I right? One wonders how he powers that computer he use’s to post on this site? Actually one wonders where he found a computer with no plastic parts?

  5. Neftali

    Yes, because one oil rig disaster means we should quit drilling altogether. I also hear that airplanes sometimes crash, so we should also stop flying.

    But since oil wells are no longer safe, we should strive to get 100% of our oil from overseas countries. To Hell with the trade deficit.

  6. I still haven’t seen a response to my post#4. That is really the crux of the issue. What is the true safety record of off shore oil drilling rigs?

  7. Here is one link with information I have seen repeated on several other sites.


    Not so fast, say supporters of offshore drilling: Improvements in technology and better government oversight have made drilling inherently safe. In fact, since 1975, offshore drilling has had a 99.999 percent safety record [source: EIA]. The amount spilled has decreased from 3.6 million barrels in the 1970s to less than 500,000 in the ’90s. Believe it or not, more oil actually spills into U.S. waters from natural sources and municipal and industrial waste than it does than from offshore oil and gas drilling. As far as the toxic chemicals are concerned, specialists say most of them are at insignificant levels since discharges are regulated by state and federal laws. The mercury released, for example, isn’t enough to be absorbed by fish [source: Jervis].

  8. Quentink

    These fisherman are really good people, even the right wing guys. We shared beers, argued politics, discussed hurricanes and compared BBQ recipes. They seem to keep getting shafted and they keep on keeping on. Maybe I do have a romantic view of the whole thing but it seems like about the most honest work there is.

    Yeah doc, I use oil, can’t really help it and I could do better. Does that make me a hypocrite? Yeah. But we all are in our own way. If you meet a man that claims to never being hypocritical you’ve just met yourself a liar.

    I’d like to see a more massive city to city train system, like in Europe. Once in the cities the preferred and most economical ways of getting around should be public. Rural communities are always going to be reliant on personal transport I suppose. No quick solutions but there are ways to do much better than we are.

    Well I better get my oysters from Jimmy before they go through the roof. Like $24 a dozen wasn’t bad enough.

  9. Peanut,

    I feel terrible for anyone who will have their livelihood impacted by this tragedy. The federal and state government as well as BP are doing the best they can right now to contain the damage. But like many liberals you think because you feel bad about this tragedy that it must be the fault of an evil rich person or a vile conservative and we should make a drastic policy change to insure that no such tragedy ever happens again.

    Life isn’t so simple my friend. We need to contain the damage as best can be done, we need to find out what happened and why and we need to do what it takes to prevent it from happening in th future. Ceasing all offshore drilling is not the right answer though.

    If that logic held true we we should never fly a plane again once that model crashes, we should never drive on a road where there has been a fatal accident and we should never repeat a surgical procedure once a complication has happened.

  10. Doc, great post. You have any idea how many gallons of oil are being pumped into the ocean right now? Any idea how long it will take to cap the leak? But you are right no one is to blame. Things like this just happen.

    OIl is pumping uncontrolled into the ocean and no one is to blame. That just doesn’t sound right to me. Now i could blame the oil industry that changed the laws so they could save 500,000 per rig by removing a safety device. I could blame BP for saying they have it capped and everything is ok go home. I could blame the owner of the rig. I could blame the governement for not regulating another industry. But I blame you. Why? It makes about as much sense as you blaming no one.

  11. expdoc


    Show me where I said blame no one?

  12. Richard C

    Oil companies don’t pay fines or taxes their customers do, or haven’t you noticed the steady rise in gasoline prices since the spill started.

  13. You never said, “blame no one..”

    But you did say the feds are doing their best.

    Which is not true. We are the only country in the world that doesn’t have a mandatory safety stop that everyone else requires. I would say they should take some blame. They sold out the gulf of mexico for a few campaign contributions.

    You said Bp is doing their best. Did they do their best when they told the feds everything was under control and that they sealed up the leak? Which was a lie.

    You act like people are wrong for being upset. You act like this type of thing just happens. Ok where else has this happened? Where else in the world is oil pumping into the ocean? Who else has birds bathing in oil? We are controlled by idiots and you are giving them praise. You can post everyone is doing their best, but it is pretty clear they did anything but their best. They are rich and they are evil.

    And we don’t need to find out what happened becuase we know what happened. The oil lobby lobbied and had safety equipment made optional so the oil companies could save 500,000 per rig.

  14. expdoc

    I agree. I think all oil companies should cease operations immediately on the grounds that they are rich and evil.

    The first week probably won’t be too bad, but how about week 2? Month 2? Next winter?

  15. Doc i would survive. Would you? I may not know how to remove a gall bladder, but my thumb is green and my body is strong. I promise, you’re starving before me. You need the oil a lot more then myself. I grew up poor. How many winters did you only have a wood burner for heat? Don’t get me wrong doc. I enjoy my blackberry and truck, but your necessities are my luxeries. You know how to eat fish, I know how to catch and cook it so to speak. Not that their is anything wrong with your lifestyle. Just if we are talking no oil my lifestyle would not take such a big hit. Just think, how you going to heat that big fancy house of yours? I can see why are such a big fan of drill baby drill.:)

  16. expdoc


    You are an idiot. You know nothing about me. How do you know that I’m not a right wing survivalist living in the woods using my ill gotten gains from my practice to finance an end of the world cult?

    Another liberal stereotype lover at work. Just build the stereotype to fit your weak minded logic.

    g aobut you or me,All that said. I’m not talkin about your ability to survive or mine. I’m talking about the human race. What will happen to the human race if you cut off the flow of evil oil tomorrow?

  17. Marcus

    “What will happen to the human race if you cut off the flow of evil oil tomorrow?”
    This is a good one to ponder.
    I think Americans realize that we would be much worse off than most inhabitants of the Earth.
    I won’t make any assumptions about expdoc’s lifestyle but most Americans would find the situation uncomfortable, to put it lightly.
    Ultimately- if the luxuries we take for granted are the driving forces in our reasoning, we have a lot to reconsider about our society and lifestyle (collectively).

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