Right-wingers say most Arizona Hispanics support new state law, which isn’t true

Watch this video, and then check the chart below it and the story that goes with it:



Read the story about this chart HERE.



  1. realfoxnews

    Pat how can any body make a comment on about 10 seconds of each person talking? When ever they started to get to the point you switched people.
    If they are not post to be here, send them packing.

  2. “If they are not POST to be here”????

    Look, Fox boy, your right-wing heroes in the video all said that most Arizona Hispanics support the new law. The poll proves that they overwhelming oppose it.

  3. DingDong

    Commissioned by La Raza(The Race). 405 people interview. Those are numbers you can believe in. The law mirrors the federal law on purpose. So, it would be OK with everyone if the federal government put 10,000 INS agents in AZ?

  4. Orlando Clay

    Pea-brained Dave writes: “We WON so get over it!!”

    What do you mean by “We WON”? Since when are you an Arizona voter?

    Oh, now I get it. By “We” you really mean pathetic, xenophobic, and racist losers. Now the picture is abundantly clear.

  5. Craig Knauss

    Orlando, bigdave lives in some place he calls West Phoenix. But don’t bother trying to find it on any maps or in Google. It’s not there. So I guess we have to take his word for it. hahahahahahaha.

  6. Pat,
    I thought you were ….”ok” but man did you twist this one…I mean seriously twisted it. Actually you should be proud …..or ashamed, depending on which way you look at it.

  7. joeapple1

    Pat seems to be on a mission to snuff out falshoods in the media today. Like usual his scanning of liberal sites only takes him to Conservative BS. When was the last time you read Pat call out Liberal BS? Are we to belive there is none?

    Sometimes I think that people that so blindly follow one political ideology or another exhibit the same psychosis as the people that need to be rescued from religious cults.

  8. realfoxnews

    joeapples he worked for the R S BS paper, do you think he would think out side of the box NOW?

  9. ernlars

    This new law has nothing to do with racism but only to do with enforcing the law. While you all fight about the race card the illegals and those who profit from them are laughing at you. I do not not to laughed at by criminals. Know all the answers boys? Run for sherriff. We are also tired of being victemized by the criminal. And who are the criminals? Those who arrive here and stay here illegally and those who support them in violation of the laws in force to protect us and our families.

  10. It would be nice if we could get an idea we like posted in this section. I\’m cancelling my dead tree version of RR Star.

  11. NurseGloria

    Peanut said, ” bigdummy actually lives in a double wide in the gleaming paradise of Machesney Park.”

    Them’s fightin’ words, Peanut. Where is your “gleaming paradise”, and where is your home that you believe makes your arguments better than those of someone else?

    I would like to see intelligent debates instead of name calling and insulting where people live. Many intelligent, hard working people live in mobile homes in Machesney Park. Be careful when you criticize someone’s hometown.

  12. Chris

    All the Libs want is there vote. Be careful what you wish for, hispanics dont believe in abortion or gay marriage.

  13. So why weren’t you cons protesting to your government during GWB’s terms? The greatest number of immigrants came here during his administration. I lived in Arizona in 2004, ’05, and ’06. Every morning there would be 50 immigrants in front of every Home Depot. Americans would come by and pick them up to put them to work. They were cheap labor, and by not filling out an I-9 they didn’t pay any S.S. or insurance for them. Some were told they would get paid in a few days, only to find out the American had disappeared. They were exploited. By American criminals. Construction was booming, and the only whites on a site were the supervisors. American employers would only need to put in a request for workers, and in a few days a “Coyote” would bring them up. Sometimes a van full would be stopped for a traffic violation. The sheriffs department said it wasn’t their jurisdiction. So they would call I.C.E. who would say it was not their problem either. So they were let go.
    So tell me why you cons are all of a sudden onto this issue. Wouldn’t it have been better to be protesting to the government 5 or 10 years ago? Why didn’t they send the military to defend our borders? If any other country came across our borders wouldn’t the Army have been sent there to stop them? But in this instance they didn’t hear any complaints and employers were getting rich off their labor. So blame yourself America. You let the problem get too big to control.

  14. expdoc


    The issue is not too big to control. Our politicians are spineless and refuse to deal with it. The solution is simple:

    1. Control the border, probably with a big wall and armed patrols.

    2, Make illegal immigration much, much harder. Deport illegals when they are caught. Prosecute those who hire illegals.

    3. Make legal immigration much, much easier.

    This is not a hard problem to solve. We should have done it before and if we don’t do it now we will have to do it later when the problem is even larger.

  15. expdoc:
    1. The border already has big walls and armed patrols. How high can you build a 2000 mile fence? Fences do not stop desperate people. The Army is the only way to go. After all isn’t that their job to protect the U.S.?
    2. Those laws have been in place for many years. Why weren’t they enforced. And after all, you cons are the ones who say we don’t need more laws.
    3. That is for the American people to decide. But I think if many of the current immigration laws were looked at closely, some parts would be thrown out. Not illegal immigration but certain parts like nationality quotas etc.
    It is in fact now a hard problem to solve, as you have many who are now naturalized, and the parents have a connection to the children. How much do you think it will take to round up, process and bus them back. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but the logistics are staggering. Like I said, Americans (and politicians) let the problem get too big.

  16. expdoc


    It is not feasible to round up the current resident illegal immigrants.

    First secure the border (all of it), then figure out some process to naturalize the current illegals and then make the change in the crackdown on new illegals and their employers.

  17. Dave what makes you think they’re liberals? Are you able to tell if someone is a liberal by how they deliver a kick to the face? Personally the arms crossed stomp to the knee looks very conservitive to me. I’m thinking a liberal would of been waving his arms and stomping wildly. lol, who needs sunday comics when we have dave? Dave how many shows will you be doing while in town?

  18. Scott: Gallup doesn’t give numbers for Hispanics living in Arizona.

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