Some people, unconsciously or otherwise, think of white folks as the only real Americans


I’m guessing that Chuck Todd didn’t realize what he was saying the other day when he offered THIS OFFENSIVE OBSERVATION.

At least, I’m hoping he didn’t.

But more to the point, how many viewers — even decent, fair-minded viewers — failed to discern the racism inherent in what Todd said?



  1. Which of our resident apologists for bigotry will be first in line below this comment to offer some dimwitted accusation about political correctness?

    Ordinarily, I’d put my money on Juice, whose record of racist comments here makes all others pale by comparison. But the J-man has been showing up less frequently of late.

  2. joeapple1

    perhaps nobody is reading your blog anymore due to tiresome redundancy…

    Just a thought…

  3. TunnelRat

    “There’s growing evidence that Americans are willing to put up with racial profiling if it means their safety.”

    Wow. Projecting there a little? I see no mention of “white people”. Only “Americans.”

    I have no idea who Chuck Todd is, but I think your accusation is overstated.

  4. expdoc

    Chuck Todd is a racist and he should be fired. Let’s boycott NBC. I’m serious.

  5. QuentinK

    Ahhhh white America yearning for the good old days that never were. It’s some kind of fantasy version of Mayberry. Soda shops, high school dances, fast cars and Friday night football. The streets are safe and everyone knows everyone. You can go to college and if not there’s always that job paying good wages out at the mill.

    This is the dream America. The version some insist is the ‘real’ America and oh-so-close. They see the only barrier to achieving the dream are commie fascists and a few hooligans. If we could but remove these from our society we would be in this land of eternal WASP prosperity. Oh-so-close, oh-so-close.

    And we’re not really racists either. Why we love having Mr. Wong over at the chop suey palace and that young Washington kid, the janitor’s son, he’s a mighty fine running back. And heck ain’t even ol’ Earl part Hungarian? How’s that for diversity? Yep Mayberry is just one mighty fine place/ Ain’t it? AIN’T IT?

  6. expdoc

    QK has finally revealed himself as Peanut with that sad post. I was never convinced until now.

  7. Neftali

    expdoc – QK is not Peanut. QK is more of a simple-minded liberal who tries to portray himself as a moderate. Peanut is a far leftist nutjob (pun intended). In other words, QK is left, Peanut is far, far, left.

  8. David Johnson

    Would racism be eliminated if the Democrats could get rid of all the Republicans? In Pat’s narrow, bigoted mind, the answer is probably yes. The reality is that Democrats use race as a weapon. Without Republicans, they’ll pit Hispanics against blacks, Jews against Arabs, gays against straights. Those who critically study history and politics will discover that Democrats and liberals have always exploited social groups specifically to gain political advantage. Never mind that the exploitation, in and of itself, is the most basic act of racism.

  9. shawnnews

    In this video Chuck Todd is saying the same thing at the 3 minute mark.
    He does not say this is a good idea.
    This is a PDF of the poll results
    Your link to digby is misleading because he doesn’t cite what Todd was using for a source.
    This poll says that 51 percent of americans prefer some sort of racial or ethnic profiling in fighting terrorism. The poll has just over a 3 percent error margin per 1,000 people.
    From the evidence I’ve presented — I think Todd was reporting the poll results on Hardball that he was reporting in my first MSNBC link.

  10. bejer50

    “Would racism be eliminated if the Democrats could get rid of all the Republicans?

    No Mr. Johnson, racism would not be eliminated.
    Only about 80% of them.

  11. QuentinK

    Wow, is that what passes for wit where you live expdoc? Sad.

    I’m glad to see my simple scenario struck a nerve with you guys. Too close to home for comfort buys? Hmmm?

    Yeah I am not peanut. Peanut shows himself to be a thoughtful individual quite capable of making his own comments and… what? Oh the word individual. Yes I forgot how much you guys dislike that word. It implies open minded, variation, diversity, etc. All the things that scare you.

    Oh and bigdaxe the muslims have been asking about YOU! BROUHAHAHAHHA!

  12. expdoc

    QK. It’s not funny at all.

    The liberal penchant to play the race card as a means to achieve misguided goals is old and sad. Your simple scenario is sad because every time it is repeated it gives people an excuse to fail. You may think that is what conservatives believe and no doubt a some do. What I believe is that the opportunity in this country is endless and everyone should be ecouraged to pursue it. There are no guarantees of equality of outcome only a guarantee of the opportunity to pursue your dream as an individual.

    Anyone who believes their individual path to happiness is via government handout has lost all hope and that is sad.

  13. QuentinK

    Actually expdoc we are probably closer on this issue than you might think I do not think government should support people and totally believe in free will and it’s consequences.

    The government should provide for the general welfare. Subsidize bread, bologna and milk so it costs a quarter or a dollar. Provide for basic shelter and insure safety. Punish those that threaten it. Provide education as a means to better one’s self and reward dedication to service.

    If someone tires of bologna and their one room apartment it is up to them to earn the right to a steak. It is up to them to earn a family room and a TV. This basic amount of government is not bad, it is not costly, it is the decent thing to do. And then you are right, given the opportunities, absent of a malicious environment it is up to the individual to go forth and prosper. Or it is their choice to sit in their one room apartment eating bologna to the day they die.

  14. expdoc

    We do in fact agree. It is encouraging that you too are for less government regulation of our lives.

    One question though, why do prisoners receive better treatment than what you outlined?

  15. Marcus

    I’ve been incarcerated.
    Doc- I don’t know what you’re referring to; maybe you’re talking about specific, select prisoners?

  16. expdoc

    Seems to me prisoners get better food than bread bologna and milk. They have access to TV, crafts , books, continuing education etc

    Am I wrong Marcus?

  17. David Johnson

    I suspect that if bejer were to be asked to cite the source of his/her “80% of Republicans” remark he/she wouldn’t be able to. It doesn’t exist (except in his/her bigoted mind). I know a lot of Republicans and I know that there are a few of them that are likely racists. I also know a lot of Democrats and what amazes me most is the rampant racism that exists within their union ranks. bejer is either ignorant of reality or choses to ignore reality in order to espouse his/her twisted, unsupportable political philosophy.

  18. expdoc

    UH Peanut? How big is that cabal of racists here? In any study we want to know the n=? Whaddya think 5 or 6? You want to generalize that to 10’s of millions of voters? Sorry bud, that only works in liberal discredit/deride fantasy land.

  19. David Johnson

    What’s the deal Pea Nut? Can’t come up with facts of your own? Do you really expect Pat to do your bidding? That is rich! Is it because you’re lazy? Or is it because you’re so intellectually vacant that you don’t have a clue as to even begin researching facts to support your absolutely idiotic, asinine premises? One thing is certain Pea Nut…even if you could muster up some modicum of brain power to try to look for facts to back up your insane assertions…you’d find the facts don’t exist. I will give you credit for one thing though. You certainly live up to my expectations as to who the liberal intelligentsia target with their propaganda.

  20. Dave the gun blazing soccer mom from atlanta had that same alarm system, Turned out her husband new the code.

  21. QuentinK


    I have an idea for prison reform that would allow the prisoners to decide if they are to be incarcerated or rehabilitated. This is a very basic description of the premise.

    When you go into prison you would be assigned to a four man room with a basic BW TV, toilet behind screen and edible food. You could then either work to be sent to a two man room with private toilet, basic color set and an extra treat in your meals or be lazy and maintain a stay in a four man room. Continued good behavior and hard work would earn you a small private version of this once you were in your last third of sentence.

    Committing acts of aggression, theft, drugs, etc. would find you removed to an eight man room with an open toilet, no TV, no privileges, cold sandwiches. You could work yourself back into the four man room by improved behavior. You would NOT want to be sent to the sixteen man room.

    Approaching the prison system with a rewards system that more accurately reflects that we face in the ‘real’ world would train prisoners in coping with civilian life. Now they are simply trained to survive and are like wolves stranded on an iceberg when they re-enter the outside world.

    I am curious to see your thoughts on this.

  22. expdoc

    I like the concept Quentin.

    I don’t know if it would work, it would probably depend on the type of prisoner you would be dealing with. People that are psychopaths may not respond to such a system. Those in for more minor offenses, particularly those who were young and serving shorter sentences (meaning we want them to be rehabed into productive members of society) may do well in such a system.

  23. QuentinK

    Yeah that is another part of the system. Putting kids caught with a few joints at a Phish concert in the same prison as a pedophile.

    I am totally against breaches of privacy but once someone is incarcerated I am not against this being one of the liberties that they lose. Cameras could very well be used to track the actions to decide in which direction one goes. Sociopaths, psychopaths would descend quite rapidly and there would still be a need for maximum security prisons. Knowing the minor sociopath from your four man went to the eight man would be the first step in convincing one that going in that direction might be a bad choice.

  24. Marcus

    expdoc- sorry for the delayed response…
    I’m not sure how it’s determined- what prisoners receive.
    Personally- I didn’t get offered milk, hot meals or television. I’m not sure if this varies depending on the facility, who is in charge, the charges against the prisoner or other factors… But I know for a fact that I didn’t receive the “luxuries” you mentioned.
    But now that you bring it up- why don’t we let prisoners provide their own entertainment and food while in “the pen”? Just think- without these things provided, we could take care of two needs of our system at the same time… And save taxpayer money too!
    (no, that last statement wasn’t a serious recommendation)

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