Fox News deletes applause by cadets from video of Obama’s commencement speech at West Point

Is this fair and balanced?

The first video is a Fox News excerpt from President Obama’s commencement speech last weekend at West Point.

At about the :47 point in this clip, the president says “we are poised to end our combat mission in Iraq this summer.” What follows on the video are roughly 10 seconds of silence.

On the second video, which shows the entire speech, the part about the combat mission in Iraq comes at about the 10:28 point — and is followed by 10 seconds of applause. Granted, it’s not thunderous applause, but neither is it the silence conveyed in the Fox video.



UPDATE: Funny stuff here:

THIS RIGHT-WING BLOGGER posted a video with the silence where the applause should have been — and foolishly interpreted it as Obama waiting for applause that never came.

But the video subsequently disappeared from the wingnut’s post. Gee, I wonder why.

UPDATE II: I’ve heard the theory that perhaps the Fox News clip includes only the audio of Obama’s remarks and consequently doesn’t pick up the sound of applause from the audience.

If that were true, why would Fox not simply delete the 10 seconds of what seems to be total silence? Could it be that the Foxies wanted to convey the impression that Obama was waiting for applause that never came? After all, that’s what the silence meant to the right-wing blogger mentioned in the UPDATE just above this one.



  1. bejer50

    Is there no ethical low that NewsCorp will not enthusiastically explore?
    Good comedy, Pat.

  2. Bought and Paid for Media.

  3. Thelma Collins

    Like who cares. take a pill for your constant negativety.

  4. Thelma Collins, who has previously expressed here an appreciation for Glenn Beck, apparently doesn’t like it when anybody demonstrates the political bias at Fox News.

    By the way, Thelma, you fault me for what you call my “constant negativety” [sic], yet every one of the nine comments you’ve submitted here has been negative. Why don’t you practice what you preach?

  5. Tim says I take a “pro-illegal alien stance.” Wrong. I’m not pro-illegal alien. I’m anti-bigot. That’s a big difference.

  6. Joe: Your comment No. 3 is a good one. But I expect that it’ll go right over the head of you-know-who.

  7. reeves: I think we’re all pretty sure that you never went to West Point. You see, the academy requires that cadets show some familiarity with grammar and spelling.

  8. realfoxnews

    If you notice on the Fox News one its not up close, at the end of the ten seconds right before he talks again he smacks his lips togather, you also can’t hear this on Fox News. So did Fox do this? I would bet money on they didn’t.

  9. Pat.. You not Pro illegal your anti bigot? Hmmmm, When is it that when you want someone to obay the law you become a bigot, it’s just another way you lefties try to shut people up that don’t agree with you… If an illegal or anyone for that matter broke into your home and stole a bunch of things would you want him arrested for breaking the law? If so would that make you an anti criminal bigot? If I or anyone else gets caught breaking the law we get in trouble and go to jail its not BIGGOTED or racist for crying out loud.

  10. Brad: No one but me is going to see your misspelled and mispunctuated comment when it’s submitted nine months after the above post was published. On the bright side, you have less cause to be embarrassed by your stupidity.

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