Conservative lawmaker knocks Arizona law


Republican Congressman Connie Mack of Florida SAYS he doesn’t “want to live in a nation where American citizens are asked ‘Where are your papers?’ We are better than that.”

An excerpt:

The latest issue freedom-loving conservatives should be concerned about is the Arizona immigration law.

This law clearly challenges citizens’ freedoms, and it does so by putting some Americans at risk of losing their freedoms while others stand little or no chance of being affected.

During World War II, while a German American hero and future president — Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower — led the allied forces in Europe, this country put Japanese Americans in detention camps. That outrage was wrong. We destroyed lives and undermined the very fabric of our Constitution.

We did so under the guise that we were at war and in crisis. But it is precisely at such times that we must take extra measures to safeguard our rights, our freedoms and our nation.

Instead, America took away the constitutional rights of citizens — a shameful overreach of the government.

The Arizona immigration law reminds us of how fear and distrust can lead to bad laws and even more government overreach into the private sector and our private lives.



  1. truth in print

    ARIZONA police support sb1070.

  2. truth in print

    11,500 APA members voted to support. 3,500 PHX enforcement association RECRUITED SEN PIERCE to write SB1070. It\’s beyond the pail to try to understand the COMBINE!!

  3. truth in print: Your moniker is a misnomer. Lots of Arizona police chiefs oppose the law and worry that it will spur an increase in crime. Read this:


  4. truth in print

    Thanks for the response. PLS note with-in the national POLICE CHIEFS ASSOC. { is a group/gang of 56 large city PC’s.} They specifically work to support illegal immigration–i.e. COMBINE. Yes 1 PC has come out against 1070. He works in Tucson. Also 1 county sheriff. What number does this link project,yes we will go read it after posting.14,500 cops recruited Sen Pierce and also helped to write bill. Why are 18 states moving to COPY the AZ law.p.s. using mr. mack to carry your message is helpful because it exposes his intelligence! Who’s to say which,if any of the detainees would have behaved if allowed free range,would infiltrators have moved in??

  5. truth in print

    O.K. we have read the article… NOW readers when you go to the link mr. C posted READ THE COMMENT SECTION. Let’s see a special subgroup of top-cops representing a CROSS-SECTION across the U.S.–CONPA uses the term COMBINE for these folks who refuse to perform due diligence and support the citizens who are begging for HELP! p.s. does anyone know how many Presidents have rounded up illegals and shipped out. Anyone??

  6. Reeves: You refer to “democrates.” What are democrates? Are they anything like rePUBICans”? (Get it? I dropped one letter and capitalized the second and third syllables to make the word sound naughty. Pretty clever, huh? Never mind. I’m sure you’re too humorless to appreciate the joke.)

  7. steve68

    We need a strong E-verify. There should be huge fines and some jail time for employers who ignore E-verify. If illegals can’t get work, they will go back home and let Americans do the factory and construction jobs. If there’s no easy employment then the Mexicans have no reason to sneak into the country.

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