Why blame Dubya when we can blame Clinton?


Do yourself a favor today and set aside 8 minutes and 30 seconds to watch THIS HILARIOUS SHTICK by Jon Stewart.


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  1. Robert Pace

    Let’s face it, Clinton’s role in at least the failure of the bank system was quite significant. He’s the one that let Robert Rubin and Larry Sommers talk him into signing the republican initiated legislation that did away with the Glasz – Steagal act.. that’s what allowed the banks to combine facilities and create bogus products that were much the same ones that caused the last depression.

    Of course it took an ideology that the republicans have that says government is bad, so lets break it so we can say see, we told you… It was the Bush administration that put hacks in place in the oversight agencies, especially at the FED, FINRA and the SEC that never delved too deep into these securitized loans being made up of deals that the loan agents knew the people wouldnt be able to pay back when the accelerated payment schedule kicked in, so yes Clinton started it.

    I get so fricking tired of the far righties that that keep up with the FOX News, Hannity. Limbaugh rhetoric about lib this lib that… both parties receive big bucks from the corporations and both parties error in favor of them… neither party does whats right for the people without first assuring its better for their corporate masters.

    PS – If John Boehner thinks social security needs to be overhauled and since he never said anything about these never ending wars as a place to start trimming budgets, lets start trimming with those great retirment plans the Senators and the Reps get… and then let’s look at those health insurance plans you all get next.. I wonder if theres such a thing as a pre-existing condition clause on your plans?

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