Obama vs. Reagan

Here’s an interesting comparison of Barack Obama with Ronald Reagan in terms of conservatism:




  1. Mark: Your response to a video that runs for 10 minutes and 42 seconds was submitted only five minutes after the video was posted.

    In other words, you responded before watching the video in its entirety (or perhaps at all).

  2. Neftali

    There is no question that Reagan is much more moderate than most of today’s right wingers know, but this video is absurd.

    The first being the debate of Regan and his tax cuts and increase. Yes, Reagan DID increase taxes several times, but they only amounted to about 1/2 of the original tax cuts. See the link below for specifics.


    The 2nd being that illegal immigration, while a problem in the 80s, is no where near the financial calamity that it is today. You can’t say that Reagan would have the same viewpoints.

    Don’t even get me started on Obama military cuts vs. Reagan military buildup. To say Obama is anything like Reagan in this area is a complete and utter disaster of a joke.

    As far as unemployment goes, technically the figure was higher under Reagan than Obama. But the Bureau of Labor Statistics changed their labor accounting methods in the 90s to no longer account for people “no longer working for work.” If they did so today, the real unemployment figures nationwide would be well over 15%.

  3. Cunningham Isdiluted

    Cunningham is really off of his rocker, as is anyone who tries to compare our current Wizard of Oz to Reagan. Seemingly these plebians all want one more hand out…USA is going to very shortly go the lines of Greece – that is if and only if Obama is not fully able to start a full on race war.

  4. joeapple1

    Nice Post Tim. What I find equally confusing is when Liberals claim that Obama has really done nothing different than Bush so conservatives should be “hands off” on their critique of him.

    Liberals felt that Bush was the devil incarnate. So if Obama is continuing the same, why no venom as was spewed towards Bush by the libs?

    I think we all know the answer.

  5. expdoc

    Pat is just irritated that his beloved Democratic party continues to struggle despite the leadership of the President that everyone should love.

    Here is another link for your swirling down the drain file Pat. Note how the Democrats have modeled national healthcare reform on Mit’s plan for Massachusetts and how that plan has lead to an increase in cost of healthcare and insurance companies in financial peril.

    Of course if you acknowledge that the Democratic plan was merely a bait and switch tactic to force a national healthcare plan on the Amercian people, then just add this oncoming disaster to your “greatest President ever” file.


    “In other words, health reform was a classic bait and switch: Sell a virtually unrepealable entitlement on utterly unrealistic premises and then the political class will eventually be forced to control spending. The likes of Mr. Kingsdale would say cost control is only a matter of technocratic judgement, but the raw dirigisme of Mr. Patrick’s price controls is a better indicator of what happens when health care is in the custody of elected officials rather than a market.

    Naturally, Mr. Patrick wants to export the rate review beyond the insurers to hospitals, physician groups and specialty providers—presumably to set medical prices as well as insurance prices. Last month, his administration also announced it would use the existing state “determination of need” process to restrict the diffusion of expensive medical technologies like MRI machines and linear accelerator radiation therapy.

    Meanwhile, Richard Moore, a state senator from Uxbridge and an architect of the 2006 plan, has introduced a new bill that will make physician participation in government health programs a condition of medical licensure. This would essentially convert all Massachusetts doctors into public employees.

    All of this is merely a prelude to far more aggressive restructuring of the state’s health-care markets—and a preview of what awaits the rest of the country.”

  6. henry herrler

    This blog is really turning into a sorry comedy. OMG

  7. Seems like the only way conservatives like any policy is if one of them came up with the idea. When things go bad in the Country, people look for someone to blame. It’s the illegals (Mexicans-conservatives just won’t say it) or the gays, they caused the problems. It’s pretty simple, greed caused our problems, being humble will solve them. At least that is what I get from my Christian up bringing. Love each other and help the poor, let God be the judge.

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